Red Sox sign David Price


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Jun 7, 2015
I noticed the hand thing being completely abandoned as well. The velocity was present though so is there really a cause/effect with the hands and location?
My concern is he's trying to muscle the ball a bit to get that added velocity back and it's effecting his command and ability to spot his FB.
His hands are not getting into a good position to drive toward home plate - he holds the ball in the glove for a long time in his "windup." He has to compensate by trying to bring his arm around too quickly, and because he can't get to his release point, the ball is up - or down from over compensation, or any number of adverse locations because he muscles it - sometimes it works.

It really feels like Price is trying to time things, he has several "check-in" movements in his windup, and sometimes he does them all, sometimes not. His motion has grown increasingly jerky over the last several years as I alluded to way up thread, and we're seeing a growing inconstancy as a result.


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Jul 8, 2014
Price is outperforming his career norms in K%, BB%, GB/FB ratio, swinging strike rate, chase rate, first pitch strike rate, xFIP, and SIERA. He is surrendering the 9th-highest BABIP among qualified starters with a strand rate and HR/FB ratio far worse than league average.

Edit: His strand rate is 68th of 96, anyhow. 10th in hard-hit percentage and third in line drive percentage... with figures akin to those of Quintana and Fernández, respectively. I for one am not really "disappointed."

Edit: He sucks.
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