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Good news for your sister from the Dept of Ed yesterday: "Other loans included in the relief plan are Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL) held by ED or in default at a guaranty agency, and federal Perkins loans held by ED. However, relief for other FFEL and Perkins loans depends, ED states, adding that it is assessing whether to expand eligibility to borrowers with privately owned federal student loans."
Thank you for the detailed response in the COVID thread. I've tried to keep myself informed (and have had 3 Pfizer shots), but that was better than everything I've read combined.
Murderer's Crow
Murderer's Crow
So I said fuck it, let the dog chew on the entire turkey breast bone. The entire thing. Went out 3 minutes later and I couldn’t find it. He ate the whole damn thing, every bone.

will update this thread over the next 3 days.