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I want to help them and do right by all my kids involved but this all seems so above my pay grade.
So some SoSHers now have me freaked out that I have to report the fact that I've heard fourth hand that some players are "partying."

Which I will do if necessary. But, my understanding is this is not mandated by law. Which you seem to suggest. Anyway, I'm curious what your background is with these matters and your perspective overall.
It’s been quiet here.
Just watched the 2018 Steve Pearce highlights. Anyone who wants to complain with the resigning can eat a bag of dicks.
Greensky just announced the other day they will be doing the Winter Wonder Grass in Steamboat Feb,21-23.
Fuck, I might fly out. Great lineup.
My buddies Buffalo Commons and also Jay Roemer Band are on the lineup too.