Pats Draft Rd6/188: S Joshua Bledsoe


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Jun 27, 2006
A Scud Away from Hell
It's not a NE draft without a safety getting picked, although this one came late. From The Draft Network:

Missouri safety Joshuah Bledsoe is a versatile hybrid defender who will bring plenty of value to an NFL franchise with his ability to play in the nickel or work in the slot.

Bledsoe is at his best when he’s rolled down near the line of scrimmage and able to work in man coverage against slot receivers. Bledsoe has shown a high level of competency in defeating blocks on the fringe of the set and subsequently has made strong plays in the run game by shooting gaps or shucking blocks and rolling the ball carrier.

Bledsoe has had only sparing reps taken as a high safety—and while he has the athletic profile to be successful there, he clearly lacks the same feel and instinct for assignments and making plays as compared to what he does with a more singular objective on any given play. Because of his modest appeal in deep coverage, Bledsoe projects best as a hybrid safety defender in the NFL; but given the trends of the league to play in 11-personnel and sub-package defense, there’s little reason to think a team won’t find value in his skills and make him a priority.
It's clear BB has emphasized run defense and pass rush as the priority for next year's makeup. Perhaps Bledsoe can be stashed in the PS and continue to develop?