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  • Thanks for the post in my unlimited PTO topic. I'm eager to hear your experiences. I run an exhibit company that designs/builds/services trade show exhibits (and other exhibits) and we're very seasonal so this is a concern as well as the non-exempt/hourly employees (I only have 6 of those however out of 25). Thanks in advance!
    Old Fart Tree
    Old Fart Tree
    Sure thing. Want to chat sometime? Today is a little busy but I'm free over the weekend and most of Tuesday.
    Dang! Met you and chatted at a bash long ago.
    My wife and I would absolutely LOVE to. You couldn't find better and more responsible sitters. We are responsible to run the athlete food, drink and host hospitality for a weekend long multi triathlon that week. Dang
    Good luck
    Have a great vacation! Bill
    Have wife, will travel.
    so OFT...are you regretting the whole "I wanna be a lawyer" thing yet? ;)
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