Offensive depth chart -- down in the trenches


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Jul 14, 2005
Minor note: Allen was a 2 year starter who completed about 56% of his passes. But it sure felt like it was it was below 50% when you watched him!

I am not sure OL is more coachable or not. There is a shortage of OL around the league. Now part of that shortage is that there are not a lot of 6'3"-6'6" 300 pound + humans out there. Probably the biggest part. Another part is that it is damn hard to teach some of this stuff and get them to learn.

One of the things I was going back and forth with Arif on was the ability to learn new physical skills as we age. This was WRT Caedan Wallace but he and I are skeptical he can learn independent use of hands in his age 24-25 season(s). There are so many guys even at the best programs who are two-hand punches and don't know how to use their hands well. Remember how everyone was fawning over Eichenberg from ND a couple of years ago (a few?). Some folks had him as their OT1 or 2 that year. Crazy. I was down on him for multiple reasons but my primary two reasons were lack of length and lack of independent use of hands. He has completely failed to materialize. @sodenj5 correct me if I am wrong here. I don't follow the Fins as closely as I wish I could.
I think there are definitely coaches who are OL gurus and who can develop guys and there are great OL academies like the one run by Duke Manyweather that do the trick too. That being said a lot of OL are coming out older and thus have less ability to develop a new set of tools. Another thing that is tough to adjust is a bad kickslide for vertical pass sets. Guys who overset a lot in college tend to overset a lot in the NFL.

I don't agree or disagree with you because I don't have a comprehensive view of which positions and which traits are hardest to develop. Anecdotally I can tell you guys who came in poor at something and developed it at pretty much every position and trait but that doesn't help because the plural of anecdote is /shrug.

Athleticism is less important to IOL vs OT so it might be easier to develop interior guys. That might be a reasonable take. OTs though have to have a such a high level of athleticism (or be mountains of men) that development is contingent on that.
This is accurate. Eichenberg has been moved around to basically every position, including center last year, and hasn’t looked like anything other than a bad player at every position.