Jay Groome (2016 First Round pick)


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I was wondering if a move to the pen would ever be in the cards but with the pitch profile, probably not.
Wonder if that would have been a more likely floor with his pre-TJ profile? (plus FB, plus/plus CB?).

Now if they’re talking four avg. pitches does seem less likely although they also mentioned that he dropped from 92-94 early to 90-92-ish by the 3rd so that could limit his starter potential too if he can’t sustain an avg FB more than a couple innings.

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Feb 6, 2003
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Chad Jennings with one of the more extensive articles on Groome since he joined the Red Sox organization. I know some may have given up hope of him making a contribution to the major league club, but I really enjoyed how he’s matured and has perspective on his future path:



“(At the time) I really wasn’t too sure if they were still high on me or still believed in me,” Groome said. “When I got the call that I was added to the roster it was like, all right, these guys still believe in you. And it kind of gave me a little confidence boost, like, all right, if they believe in you, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t believe in yourself.”

Groome pitched well in Portland this year. There have been some inconsistencies, but he’s had more good starts than bad. Though he can’t count on high-end velocity night after night, his fastball still gets into the upper 90s from time to time, and he’s still striking out more than a batter per inning. But Groome has stopped judging himself by the radar gun, and he’s given up on striking out every batter who dares step to the plate. He’s not afraid or ashamed of pitching to contact. He’s discovered the value of throwing strikes, and he’s grown with the necessity of adjustments.

“He has a much better sense of who he is and what he could be compared to when he was a 17-year-old out of the draft,” Crockett said. “He gets it now.”