2023 Offseason MLB News/Rumors Thread

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
100% agree.

OTOH, maybe I'm a dreamer at this point but this does seemingly eliminate one of the few logical competitors for Montgomery. I still don't think it's likely he comes here, but where else? Yankees looking at a 90% tax on his salary.
110 percent tax for NY actually, they’re over the Steve Cohen line (4th level).


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Dec 16, 2010
This is fun:

Jazz Chisholm Jr. slams former Marlins teammate Miguel Rojas, calls start of Miami stint ‘the worst’ - The Athletic

Chisolm, on Migel Rojas:

“You can’t be a team leader when you’ve got guys that’s been in the clubhouse that’s been in there nine or 10 years even though they suck. They’ve been there for nine or 10 years and the team calls them the team captain. But they’re not a good captain, they’re not a good person, you’re not even a good athlete at this point. You’re just here and you’re bringing down the young guys that are supposed to be good.”

Former Marlins President David Samson on Chisolm:

Samson questioned Chisholm’s durability as a player, labeled his accomplishments in the game as “nothing,” attributed Chisholm’s appearance on the cover of “The Show” as a favor from Derek Jeter, and lamented that Chisholm broke in when Marlins veterans such as Jeff Conine and Mike Lowell were already retired, “because they would have kicked your ass and that would have been the end of you.”


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That increases the leverage for Bres for a Masa trade to LAD if Ohtani goes down, I would think.
Because his price is relatively low? I suppose, although personally I don't foresee them trading Masa or Ohtani being kicked out for more than a few games. We'll see. Generally though, if Masa comes out hitting, he will look like a reasonably priced guy.