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    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    I ran a simulation on my strat-o-matic on this and the chances of people not knowing about this are 1 in 2,347,421. When we back out the bad games and cherry pick the good ones, we then have to do it for the comparison set. Even among AA Red Sox, not to mention the rest of AA, a 3.7 BB9 when...
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    Excactly this. And we'll never know, but... I'll always believe that Stanley wouldn't have beaten Mookie to first, and even if he had we were done anyway. You can listen to Eddie Andleman's call-in show after Game 6 on Youtube - Buckner wasn't even the main topic that very night. The error was...
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    Celebrating What Is: Ten Most Important Non-TB12 Players of the BB/TB Era

    1. Troy Brown 2. Adam Vinatieri 3. Dont'a Hightower 4. Kevin Faulk 5. Ty Law 6. Tedy Bruschi 7. Julian Edelman 8. Rob Gronkowski 9. Richard Seymour 10. Vince Wilfork (the bridge between 1st half and 2nd half) Can't believe I left out: McGinest, Harrison (helmet catch), Welker, Vrabel, Light...
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    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    I'm enjoying this "moment," saved just before Game One of the ALDS.
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    Lineup in NL Park for WS

    I think against Rich Hill you have to go with something like this: Betts Benintendi Pearce JD Bogaerts Nunez Kinsler Vazquez Porcello You could see a double switch (at catcher or Holt for Kinsler) or a straight up pinch hit depending on the situation and match-up. Cora has said he likes...
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    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Says the Yankees should trade Stanton, but thinks Dodgers are the only possible trade partner. Really, really wants Daniel Murphy. "Perfect fit for this team... even though he's just a first baseman/DH at this point."
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    ALDS vs. MFY—Buckle Up

    Just like Game 7 2004 at the old Toilet. I hope they never learn.
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    Celebrating What Is

    Brady and the Pats have had 4th quarter drives that either tied the game or gave them the lead in 7 of 8 Super Bowls.
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    Yahoo Mail Missing From Folders

    I may be able to help, since I work for a company under the same corporate umbrella. Can you message me with: Your name The Yahoo ID (i.e. Their best contact phone number and an alternate email address A brief summary of the issue I will forward the issue to an internal...
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    What is your all time favorite Red Sox-Yankees regular season series.

    Agree on apex being July 23-25, 2004, but this was a good one: April 24-26, 2009 Game 1: Jason Bay ties it with a 2-out 2-run shot off Mariano Rivera, Sox win in 11 (YOUK) Game 2: Comeback from down 6-0 with heroics from Mike Lowell, Sox win 16-11 Game 3: Ellsbury steals home off Pettitte...
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    Red Sox bar The Riviera in NYC is closing

    Looks like the Riviera is going to be closing August 31st. For those not familiar, this is probably considered the main Red Sox bar in Manhattan. From the article: "The Riviera might look like just another sports bar, and a Boston Red Sox bar at that, but it's much more. A classic hangout for...
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    Baserunning woes

    We can add not running to first to the list of problems. Bradley was in the dugout when he made the third out. Should we assume that there was no coaching emphasis on baserunning fundamentals during spring training? And then even after Hanley ran to second without looking at the play in front...
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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Recall this moment that ESPN made him wait a whole 7 minutes into the postgame before passing him the mic, in which he also made a big deal about it publicly rather than going about it the right way: So, it turns out a) he really is that thin skinned and b) he prefers to snipe about these...
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    2017 Butler Watch: Love Me Tender

    The complications journalists are referring to seem to be that the Pats need to be very careful about how they pull off the compensation here. They cannot make the Cooks trade appear to include a player whom they had no rights to (a RFA who hadn't signed the tender).