The new running game


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Jul 21, 2006
Was wondering about the catcher's interference thing, too. I recall three on Saturday, one on the Sox (Wong) and two on the Angels catcher Thaiss, and figured that was just a fluky day until last night Vaz did it too. Were there more? It would make sense if the catchers are all reaching forward a little out of concern for the running game; all four of those interference calls were with runners on base. Would be curious if anyone's heard about the call happening in other games around MLB, a little googling didn't turn up anything.


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Jul 20, 2005
Isle of Plum
What is the story behind all of these catcher's interference plays lately? I think there have been five or six instances between the Sox and their opponents over the last week. That's more than I think I've seen in the ten years previous. Part of me is wondering if the more aggressive running game means catchers are trying to "cheat" closer, but that means risking losing a finger on a swing, which nobody wants. I just can't tell if it's coincidence or if there's some other reason it's more prevalent this year.
Same. I thought of two reasons: First was to help contain runner as it did seem to happen more if runners on bases (my lying eyes?), but I was also thinking of all the pressure on catchers to 'frame' which essentially means grabbing that ball ASAP and pulling to center