Rays @ Guardians, 12:06 ET , ESP2


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Aug 9, 2009
Base coach is full of shit LMAO.
Actually looked to me like his toe just snuck off but there was no clear angle (unless I missed it).

How do they not have better camera angles for this stuff?? How about a camera down the line?! Wild

Only camera angle down the line was from 400 feet away....

Max Power

thai good. you like shirt?
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Jul 20, 2005
Boston, MA
If you're not going to give these teams a Manfred Man in extras, the least you can do is put out a bowl of greenies.


mad dog
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Dec 30, 2003
New York City
the feed dropped out right as this was happening. Way to go ESPN
All week, at a little after 4pm, ESPN has dropped out for me in Ohio every day since Monday. Every day. Including yesterday.

I'm in NYC today, no drop out of the feed. But for some reason, it's collapsing at 4pm in many places. The stream works, however.


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Sep 29, 2022
I signed into ESPN+ through my Sony television and then went to ESPN2 from there. Really weird way to do it, but..you do what you gotta do.