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Jun 3, 2003
Also, don't want this amazing photo by @mostman just to be in the game thread:

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Thanks for the cross post. An absolute surreal experience being there with my kids. There weren’t a ton of kids in the crowd, so they got so much attention from people. Probably dished out hundreds of high fives and fist bumps and a dozen or so hugs. We were up in the Sportsdeck, so it was a complete party atmosphere from tip off to the last horn. They won’t forget it, and KP will forever be a legend for playing on a bum leg.

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Feb 17, 2010
Just remembered that Wyc leaked that HBO/Simmons are making a Celtics doc and this team will be the running narrative

“Nothing to officially report yet, but we are in production on a multi-part, absolutely top-quality, fantastic documentary series along the lines of hopefully The Last Dance, and so on,” Grousbeck told WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show. “We are deep into that. We’ve signed contracts. The film is being filmed and archives are being gone through. And it’s in the process. Really exciting can’t wait for it. And they’re following the team this whole year, behind the scenes. So we’ll see what happens. But win or lose, it’ll be out.”


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Feb 3, 2010
WCVB has a nice graphic of all of the cities championship banners that I usually keep as my phone background:
Slightly different version:

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Oct 24, 2003
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I love the dude in the black Tatum jersey who is cheering while everyone is watching. He knows it’s good.

I did the math and he was on a pace to score somewhere around 2160 points per 48. Best final game stat line since Bobby Kielty.
I couldn’t help but notice the one guy in the crowd who wasn’t watching the shot.



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Jul 24, 2001
I let slip a yell downstairs in the family room when he hit the shot and my wife upstairs texted me and said my son heard it and asked why dada yelled. I told her to tell him because Payton Pritchard is an assassin.