NBA All-Star Game Weekend 2024 with Dunks, Skills, 3 Point Competitions, ASG: Hooiser Daddy?


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Aug 23, 2011
The more I see the dunk contest... the more I think that everything that can be done has been done.

Feel like Jaylen should have them raise the rim to 11' and then do something..
Jaylen more of a power dunker than vertical dunker, I think he’s somewhat limited with what he can do.

But fuck Mac winning this, so pull something out Jaylen.


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Jul 4, 2007
The judges are favoring the actual NBA player, for some reason.

If we want real players to participate in the slam dunk contest, a win from JB here will go a long way toward re-establishing that tradition.

He is going to need a couple of creative dunks to beat this guy who isnt part of the NBA,but is a good dunker, although here are a least a handful of professional dunkers who are better


Drive Carefully
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Apr 12, 2005
The Aaron Gordon/Lavine Duel will be the peak of dunk contests. Whoever wrote earlier that it feels like it's all been done is right.

Red Averages

owes you $50
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Apr 20, 2003
This judge point scoring is more predictable than a hallmark movie.

McClung deserved it. JB was given 2 points of All-star inflation to all of his dunks. Hard to make this contest too relevant given how talented the average dunker in the nba is now.