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mad photochops
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Feb 4, 2012
Anderson Espinoza has returned to the mound and is pitching every 6 days it looks like.

To date: 4 games/4starts: 5.87 era, 7.2 ip, 7 hits, 5r/5er, 2bb/10k.

Game Log
2.0 ip, 1 hit, 3k.
0.2 ip, 5 hits, 5r/5er, 2bb/1k
2.0 ip, 1 hit, 3k.
3.0 ip, 0hit, 3k.

Rooting for the kid.
Awesome to see!

he was our next Pedro - and while that hasn’t happened, it’s so sad how much time he lost. He’s still young enough to have a long career.