College Name-Image-Likeness (NIL)


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Jan 10, 2004
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I don't think you should go pound sand. Like I said, whether or not you have soul in the game doesn't undercut the logic of your argument. However, I do sometimes wonder how would you feel if an NFL fan parachuted into an EPL conversation to explain why the Super League is the right way to set up the top level of the sport.
That’s fair.


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Mar 30, 2004
I do think that the student-athletes should be compensated for their work. One proposal I don't think anyone has mentioned a proposal once that would allow athletes to do something like major in football or basketball. My recall of the details isn't perfect, but it would naturally have an element of practical study during the season, like Northeastern's co-op program and could be supplemented with extra coursework in the off-season. The students would take courses on coaching skills, kinesiology, physical therapy, financial skills, statistics, etc. It would probably serve some student-athletes better than how I imagine a number of students in big-name schools competing in big revenue sports, are dealt with.

It would at least a bit more of an honest degree and likely be of more interest and help to a number of these athlete-student. And not that many theater majors become movie stars, but they acquire other skills that allow them to work elsewhere in the industry.

Ah, here is a link that mentions the idea with slightly more content than my memory.


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Dec 22, 2003
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Having now listened to Nick Saban, I wonder if an option might be to revise the NIL-transfer portal dynamic. If, as Saban seems to suggest, players are going to follow the money and highest bidder, and use the transfer portal to leverage year-to-year decisions, why not place restrictions on the portal?

Treat the NIL aIs a quasi-pro contract..."you decide to go to school X for the money, you are locked in unless the 'controlling' school says otherwise."

I mean, the players want to be treated as money-earning "professionals", then bound them in a way that pro sports contracts prevent players from skipping willy-nilly from one team to another from this year to next.
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