Bruins vs. Penguins


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Apr 18, 2007
A few blips (Crosby goal, end of the 2nd period, some of that 6v5 play) but that felt like a complete effort. Just what they needed after the previous two games


Dec 10, 2007
Opinions requested... I'm seeing Bjork play really well. Homer glasses, or is he really progressing?
He is definitely progressing. I don't know what happened in the last few weeks but something has clicked and he has way more confidence and is infinitely stronger on the puck. Definitely a big plus for them if this continues.


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Mar 18, 2004
Usually don't start watching until 8:30 or so, so I can rarely thread with you guys. Couple observations. The Tuukka ceremony was nice. I just wish they'd let the crowd noise in over the other audio. I would have like to hear the reaction to a few of those guys popping up. Anyone in house last night that can comment?

Thought it was going to be a long night as I'm sure Halak wanted that first one back. But man he was impressive. The save on the 2 on 0 and on the 4 shots after was amazing.

Impressed with Bjork's play overall. Seems to be winning battles and coming out of piles with the puck and making the right play more often than not. Looks calm with the puck in space. Seems to have elevated some of the players around him. Coyle looked comfortable with him last last night, and Krejic seems rejuvenated. Excited to watch him progress.

Good to see Kuhlman back and having a positive impact right away.

Team definitely got the memo, spoken or not. Krug making a statement, though you see how he is missed on the power play for sure. Just a huge drop-off from him to Gryz.

Bit of a breather now. Two games in 6 days, then 10 days off. Time to get everyone (Tuuka) healthy and get hot down the stretch.