Bruins @ Lightning


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Jul 12, 2005
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meh, that's fine
On the one hand, they did that without DeBrusk and Nosek and McAvoy sitting a spell in the third.

On the other hand, just about everything about the time between the Zacha and Hedman goals was just sloppy. Maybe it’s a good teaching moment, because the next time they do that on this trip will be their next loss.


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Apr 18, 2007
Ran out of gas in the third, which is rare for them. Gotta wonder if the schedule is catching up to them a bit.


off putting, to say the least
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Mar 13, 2006
South Boston
I had to laugh about the Carlo stuff, especially after he took out Ullmark playing neither man on a 2-1. Almost feel like it’s my fault.

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May 26, 2002
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Well it was a good experience being at the game, despite the shit result. Decent seats, up high but center, about 10-12 rows straight down from the broadcast booths. Looked back a couple times and glimpsed Jack and Brick plying their trade. The worst part was having to endure all the pink-hatty Lightning fans I was surrounded by whoop it up like they won the Cup when the final horn sounded. These people are a lot like the Rays fans I've experienced at Tropicana Field, i.e.dumbasses. All game with the incessant "Nice stick, Pointer!" type of crap. Also slavishly bellowing whatever stupid chant/song that the electronic scoreboard was exhorting them to recite at the moment. The senior-aged couple next to me were among the worst in this regard and if I could have gotten away with strangling them I might well have done so. I conversed briefly with the wife, who had a very nice folded blanket draped over her lap the entire game. She revealed that they were from Michigan and and had recently retired and moved to Florida. I was tempted to ask, "So... not Red Wings fans, then?" but decided not to since she seemed like a nice lady. People who change their sports allegiances when they move piss me off and the conversation would probably not have ended well.