Britt McHenry gets nasty with tow company employee, gets suspended


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Aug 21, 2006
glennhoffmania said:
I think her career does matter.  She's a public figure who represents her employer to millions of people.  If you want to be in that position the expectations, fairly or unfairly, are higher than someone sitting in a cage at an impound lot.  By no means am I excusing the attendant and she may have said even worse things to Britt.  But that doesn't excuse her response at all, and she should have more self-control if she wants to be in the public eye.
Pretty simple.
HomeBrew1901 said:
I'm surprised this is still a topic of conversation.  I mean really, who gives a fuck?
I know, right?
fairlee76 said:
Dudes who still watch ESPN and fancy generic blondes, apparently.