Are any SoSHers Shopify Devels? Or recommendations on hiring one?

Scoops Bolling

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Jun 19, 2007
Long story short, I'm looking at selling CBD product(s) on Shopify but doing so requires a separate processor and payment gateway than Shopify Payments, Paypal, or Stripe all of which will not process CBD products. There are vendors who do process CBD products, but it would require setting them up properly.

As a complicating factor, I would also need to set it up so that any order of CBD products either cannot include other non-CBD product lines, or that if it does include them, that the system processes the entire order on the processor that is set up to handle CBD products.

I would rather hire someone from SoSH, or someone recommended via someone from SoSH, on this than hire a random Shopify Expert or an unknown freelancer on Upwork and the like.


Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
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Apr 11, 2006
Portland, OR
Look for PCI DSS experience. Not only is your payment processor going to have to work with the remote processor, it also has to comply to a number of logging, auditing, and other standards that it will be potentially fatal to not have if something goes wrong and you need to provide documentation that they expect you to have.
Those standards change depending on the payment type in some cases. What you have to keep track of for bank account withdraws is different from credit card payments.
Implementing the processor is going to be the biggest lift. Limiting the selections of available processors based on the presence of a CBD product in the cart is a tag-handling process.

Edit: sorry, should have said I'm a .NET engineer who has built a payment processor (but is currently happily employed).