2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread


bet squelcher
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Jan 15, 2004
Looked like a block to me but apparently I’m the only one (and the refs of course)
Got all ball but a lot of body too. “Irregardless”, challenging that play and almost certainly taking yourself out of the game is moronic.

Gash Prex

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Apr 18, 2002
He practically wrapped his arm around Holiday when challenging the shot, lots of body contact.That’s a foul.
Live it certainly looked like a tackle but slow mo was different to me - but whatever I get that every body thinks it was a foul.

Brand Name

make hers mark
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Oct 6, 2010
Moving the Line
You know the refs weren’t paid off on that Booker non-foul call. Because wouldn’t you think a team named the Bucks would be first to benefit?