2016 NBA Draft Game Thread


bet squelcher
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Jan 15, 2004
That bet on Celts scouting appears to have paid off. That's why they do what they do for a living and I just write messages on SOSH, I guess...
There was discussion in the thread about how Jaylen being a scouting vs analytics case study as the latter graded him poorly. This was discussed in detail in the Jaylen draft thread focusing on the why. Deyonta Davis was another analytics darling in this draft which I addressed maybe a page or two ago on draft night.

I've always felt strongly that many of these metrics from a different game (point being college is a completely different game utilizing different rules) not only are worthless on their own but even worse as it values numbers that don't always translate. Jaylen and Deyonta certainly don't change my feeling on this topic. I'm always open to hearing some names who were these darlings and panned out.


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Apr 17, 2003
Agreed; as you know, while I'm at core an analytics guy I think many folks misunderstand and misapply them in basketball. That's true both at the NBA level and especially in trying to translate college players to the pros. I've made the comparison before that analytics in the NBA are in some ways still at the place defensive metrics in baseball were in the early 2000s---a lot of value, and also a lot of required context to understand what is signal and what is noise with too many fans who follow analytics failing to see this.

I really enjoy the analytics discussions here and have little doubt both the metrics and the discussion will continue to become more and more advanced. But there's still a big piece of 'basketball' which needs to be figured in, and HRB is reliably one who helps provide that aspect of the bigger picture too. Context matters a great deal---whether it's interpreting Jae Crowder or Tiago Splitter's RPM or determining that Jaylen Brown's atrocious supporting cast at Cal likely impacted his future statistical projection.


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Dec 8, 2005
Well that's confusing and uninspiring.
I am now very inspired, but still very confused as to how I'm seeing what I'm seeing. So I was 50% right unlike most of you losers.

No, seriously, he was the one guy I did not want. I saw all athleticism/little skill.

Also, in 1980 I recommended the Celtics use the number 1 pick on Darrell Griffith and the number 14 pick or whatever it was on Roosevelt Bouie

Sam Ray Not

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Jul 19, 2005
Also, in 1980 I recommended the Celtics use the number 1 pick on Darrell Griffith and the number 14 pick or whatever it was on Roosevelt Bouie
Those still might have been better picks than Joe Barely Cares at #1 and Rickey Brown at #13.

Of course, getting McHale at #3 with Parish as a throw-in was a bit better than either. That Auerbach dude was positively Ainge-ian.

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
I also don't want him at #3 but I don't want Anyone at #3, at 6-9 or so I think is a good gamble as I think there only 3 players capable of developing into superstars and the other two won't be available (who have their own issues - lack of motivation and lack of bulk).

He already has an NBA body and the second best combination of speed and strength in the draft. He is really good at splitting defenders and is aggressive without forceful. Smart kid for a future NBA player and is a good passer especially for his size. Good defender. The fouls he got in the Pac12 won't be called at the next level that closely. He can guard 3 positions maybe 4. Very good in the air and on the break.

If you remember, Jason Richardson wasn't a great shooter at MSU, that's my comp for him (if people are saying Bender can be Nowitzki)

And he's young enough to get better, unlike someone like Hield or Valentine.

Jeff Goodman ‏@GoodmanESPN 20s21 seconds ago
Celtics will take Jaylen Brown, sources told ESPN.
Jesus H. Christ
Thanks Danny.
Ugh I hate that pick, cannot believe couldn't get a deal done
Fuck this shit.

Ainge got roasted when the Sixers and Bulls called his bluff. Should taken the deal for Okafor or Noel.
Fucking terrible, just awful
I hate this so much.

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Dec 24, 2002
Ale needs a forum vacation if he keeps it up. We can fill threads with old and outdated takes (I stand by mine and not shamed by it at all) but this is just BS. Knock it off and let's enjoy the win.