11/29 - Bruins host the Lightning


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Dec 2, 2006
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Sure - but there’s also a difference between questioning if someone’s physical fitness has an impact on their performance, and what was essentially a poor attempt at a standup bit about Maroons lack of self control around pizza.
But also, Edwards isn’t a standup comic, he’s a color guy who represents the organization. Whether or not what he did was funny or not, it’s not really his place to be trying out for the funny bone during a broadcast.
Which is why I said words have consequences. Not sure what makes you think I’m saying otherwise. Jack tried to make a joke and it wasn’t as funny as he thought it’d be. I firmly believe if it were funnier or shorter none of this brouhaha would have happened. I take greater issue with whoever you linked to doing the “this is wrong, think of the children” tweet that I thought was poorly articulated.

On your last point I disagree that a PBP guy shouldn’t be funny. It shouldn’t be his primary goal but I prefer my sports to not be too serious. Jack tried to bring that levity and failed. Sports is entertainment and the PBP contributes to that above and beyond just describing what happens on the ice. Whether or not you find Jack entertaining is a different story. I do want my booth to breakdown in painstaking detail a fan getting hit by a flying pizza.


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Dec 10, 2007
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Nov 15, 2006
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I mean after all the shit Jack has said over the years we’re crazy to think people won’t jump to dunk on him, warranted or not. He’s earned it and then some.

That said - fuck the Carolina franchise. They had no issue with Tony DeAngelo on their team last year.
Agreed, it’s just getting a bit annoying at all the feigned outrage. It was dumb and stupid, move in.

And yes, fuck Carolina