1. ifmanis5

    Your New Look Celtics

    Danny re-shakes the snow globe and the Celtics now have a core of Irving-Horford-Hayward which is an upgrade over last year and probably the best of the East. The trade opens up more time and touches for Smart, Brown and Tatum as well. New depth chart (although positions on this team are very...
  2. Pxer

    Who would YOU take at #3? And what's your backup plan?

    Assume your top choice is available at #3. Who are you taking? Feel free to list your 2nd choice if your guy isn't available, because he gets taken at #2. I figured we could separate this to help measure the SoSH consensus and clearly outline the top options separate from the mega thread.
  3. Pxer

    On The Clock at #3. Time To Go on Record.

    Let your preference be known. This has been a tough draft to gauge, but it's been a lot of fun tracking the players after Ingram and Simmons. You've got (alphabetically): Bender - has a lot of tools you like in a stretch big, but hasn't played a ton of big-time minutes, nor have we had the...