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    NBA all-time 5-15

    I don't think anyone thinks of LeBron as a guard, and that's fine. Since he's the greatest SF of all-time he should probably be a SF on any all-time team. Looking back at your list, you inexplicably put Jordan at SF even though Jordan is the greatest SG of all time. Drop Kobe, put Jordan at SG...
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    Presti-digitation: What is OKC going to do?

    There was a semi-decent argument at that time that Porzingis was overrated and not worth a max contract, an argument that looks much better with he passage of time. I've always been a bit of a Porzingis hater so I liked the trade for the Knicks at the time. I'm just saying it's possible that...
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    KC should forever be remembered as the fans that booed a moment of silence for racial unity.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    For anyone who doesn't know, Andy Reid's son was driving drunk when hit hit two cars on the side of the road and sent a child to ICU. That chickenshit on-air mention conveniently left out the DUI part.
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    FYI, Exponent added a constant to the Ideal Gas Law which just coincidentally served to make it harder for the balls to hit the allowed range. If you remove that constant and don't second guess the refs on which gauge they used then every single ball fell within the allowed range. Their reason...
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    And not on this board necessarily, but in general I feel like he doesn't get nearly as much credit for the Jays as he deserves since they were both #3 picks. Most GMs walk away from those two picks with Bender and Fultz. Ainge hit a home run twice, and the second time involved him trading out of...
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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    That is a great point. The answer likely lies in there being a bias against black coaches in sports but the Nash hiring not being an example of it. And I'm not saying that it is, just that in 2020 we should probably be discussing it and doing so in a more nuanced way than Stephen A. sports...
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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    On the Stephen A. thing, in 2019 I wouldn't have even thought twice about this. But this is 2020 and our country's racial problems are front and center right now, and I admit that upon hearing about this I quickly thought of the fact that Nash is white. Because this is 2020, earlier this year...
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    Wifi and plaster walls

    I live in an old house, ~2000 sq ft over two floors, with plaster walls. I've dealt with decent wifi (using a Verizon router) for years but trying to stream from a corner room had become a problem. I recently bought a new router and the difference is immense. I was looking into Nest and various...
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    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    You'd be surprised how many racist / far right bumber stickers we get in this area. 5 years ago I might have naively agreed, but they feel emboldened right now and are more visible. And a cynic would say that white people cross the Mohawk River to Clifton Park to get away from the minorities...
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    NBA GOAT discussion

    On the topic of Jordan 3-point shooting, if you took every minute he practiced his turnaround jumper (which was A LOT) and instead he spent that working on his 3 he would have been a great 3-point shooter. He had a great shot, and a great set of skills that modern players use to open up 3s...
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    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    One reason for Silver to say it would be if China was continually hounding him to discipline Morey. If he felt that the issue was settled and China wasn't listening then going public ends it right there. Another reason could be that Silver is human and humans sometime make mistakes, even...
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    Week 7 NFL Game Thread: We’re on to the AFCCG Preview.

    As long as we're fantasizing, can it be a child with a baseball bat?
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    Week 6 NFL Game Thread

    It was obvious live that the defender was going for the ball and not the WR. Just a terrible call 100% in response to a guy getting hurt.
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    Wow, that hit is so light that I assume that something was lost in translation there. Just 10 years ago McMillan would have finished the hit, driving Brady into the ground and landing on top of him, and no one would have even thought twice about it. That play does a great job of demonstrating...