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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    It certainly depends what you mean by "playing for one run", but in most situations your run expectancy for the inning (and win probability for the game) declines after a successful bunt.
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    Three True Outcomes, The Bobby Dalbec Thread.

    This is likely the case, but iirc the underlying numbers earlier in the season were suggesting that he was quite unlucky. I think we would take the full season numbers at this point, as he is running an .805 OPS/.340 wOBA - if the defensive improvements are real, which seems plausible as he is...
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    Three True Outcomes, The Bobby Dalbec Thread.

    He had a 14.3% walk rate in A+ in 2018, and a 15.5% walk rate in AA in 2019, so with an OBP of.370. So he was pretty patient down there. For reference he is only at a 5.9% walk rate this year.
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    7/1 - Bubic vs. Eovaldi

    There is one walking distance from Fenway now. It's been there at least ~7 years since it was around when I lived in Boston.
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    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    Big velocity jump on both the fastball and the slider, and ditching the curveball, seems to be paying dividends in AAA. If the cost is exposing Weber to see if this guy has figured something out, seems well worth it.
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    Unusual plays

    The way the rule is written (catchable under ordinary effort) basically means that once an infielder settles under the ball, like Correa did, the umpires have to call it. If Correa intentionally drops that ball and immediately picks it up, he puts the runners in a difficult situation and...
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    6/10 Greinke vs. Erod. Let's get it over with.

    sure looked like he called that foul
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    6/10 Greinke vs. Erod. Let's get it over with.

    Yeah, on replay umpire did everything right there
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    6/10 Greinke vs. Erod. Let's get it over with.

    100% the right call on infield fly, unfortunately. Ball is catchable by an infielder under normal effort, umpire has to call it to protect the runners. Would like to see a better replay of when he calls it, though.
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    Sox Owners, Partners Plan Major Development Around Fenway Park

    Tons of transit links to the stadium, basically no matter where you are coming from. Not sure why we should be concerned about parking.
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    Former OU volleyball player sues over exclusion from team

    I guess the thing is, if she has far right political views, or a "lifestyle that doesn't fit with her teammates", and that is why she got booted from the team/pushed to transfer, I would imagine she also has a pretty strong case. However, the filing from her side is obviously going to paint her...
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    How do you feel about your club?

    Everton 3/10 Was tempted to go with 0 or 1/10, but that would be an over-reaction to Ancelotti leaving. There is still lots of young talent both in attack (Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin) and in defense (in particular Godfrey). The big issues are first that the squad needs more depth both in...
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    How often do you visit

    One of my fantasy baseball leagues - and a fantasy football league, are on ESPN. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably be more like 1-2 times a week, but that bumps me up to at least daily to set lineups during baseball season.
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    Unusual plays

    Just clarifying since its a big ambiguous - it's still a catch in MLB - batter is out but if there are runners on and less than 2 out, they each move up a base.
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    How many of these pitchers with one career Red Sox save do you remember (2000-2021)?

    Wayne Gomes is the one I have absolutely zero memory of - the rest I remember clearly because I had nothing better to do during college than obsessively follow the Red Sox. Whats kind of fun is going to look at some of these guys' fangraphs pages to see how much the game has changed in such a...