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  • Maalox is indeed Maylox (spam filters suck). PM him and tell him that you are friends with my wife and have pictures. His curiousity alone will get you in.
    Nip still hasn't let you in? I'll send BANZAI!!! pics of my wife in exchange for a membership for you. That's a sure fire path to you being a full member. Send BANZAI!!! a PM informing him of this - he'll like you.
    Nice of Browndog to stop by - one of his many talents is finding 22 year old women on this site or at a bash. FTR, Jneen and Clemente38 are my interweb crushes. I could add Meghan to this list but it's just to early.
    22 and female and Nip hasn't let you in yet? This must be an oversight on his part. PM him and let him know you
    are 22 and female - and say goodbye to the sandbox.
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