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    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    Or the much-improved offense?
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    Pats Draft Rd.2/38: DI Christian Barmore

    Here is the Bedard clip for anyone who wants to hear it from the horse's ass' mouth: View:
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    Pats Draft Rd.2/38: DI Christian Barmore

    Bedard mentioned on his podcast that the damaging intel he heard about Barmore would make national headlines and he didn't want to do that to the kid. I've heard several writers mention "intelligence in and out of the locker room" being a concern. It's an odd, specific phrasing I've heard...
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    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    I hated the idea of drafting him at #15 at the beginning of the draft content cycle. I warmed up to it a bit as we got closer and everyone was saying that he was going to go #3 to SF. He just reminded me of AJ McCarron and Colt McCoy. Not really sure why as I don't watch college football at all...
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    NFL Draft Rd.2-3: Discussions, Rumors & Spoilers Gamethread

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    NFL Draft Rd.1: Picks Gamethread--NO SPOILERS

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    4/23-Boston @ Nets

    GRANT!!!! You mf’er
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    4/23-Boston @ Nets

    Bench Grant forever please
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    4/23-Boston @ Nets

    I hate Grant
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    4/13 at POR

    Marcus is back
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    NFL FA Frenzy Game Thread

    I had the same hesitations on Agholor but then watched a bunch of highlights from his Raiders season and he looks like a completely different player. Definitely recommend taking a deep dive into his play last year.
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    Jeff Teague: 1 year deal with the Celtics

    Is Jeff Teague using a burner account to defend and pump up Jeff Teague? View:
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    1/22 Sixers Redux

    Hope Pritchard is ok. I can’t live in a world without fastPP