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    Round 1: Storm Surge

    As I watch the Flyers and Canadiens beat the piss out of each other right now, I don't think it's the lack of fans as much as a lack of "hate" between the teams.
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    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Fuck Twitter SO much. If there is one social media platform I'd nuke from orbit, it's that one.
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    Will He Still Hate Me? The XFL Game Thread

    Has LA even practiced? They seem to be completely oblivious to the shorter play clock.
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    2020 WC Weekend Game Thread

    How about trying to get 5 yards closer instead of chucking it into the 5th row?
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    2020 WC Weekend Game Thread

    Lazy Millennial football players can't even be bothered to bend one knee to the ground. (Here is where I explain this is a joke because internet).
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    2019 Week 8 NFL Game Thread

    Reid snuck onto the other sideline and called that last series.
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    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Then he goes bye bye and the Pats continue on.
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    I wonder if this is it for Chara. It just seems like all he has left is being tall. Even before he broke his jaw he was lumbering around not being much of a factor.
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    Week 4 NFL Game Thread

    This is an embarrassing day of football. Just some awful play out there.
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    I think that's the same exact play that got picked last time. This is some putrid football here.
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    Yeah you throw that into double coverage! Both these teams suck.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Roger needs more time so it's now clear that the four months and $5 million was for Wells and Roger to play golf around the world and go on Asian sex tours (with resulting treatments) and they just had interns write up the report in a few days. The facade is crumbling!
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    It's open season now. Any minor perceived skirting of sacred NFL rules will be immediately brought to the league since everyone knows if they whine and leak to the right people they can whip the public into a fervor and say that once again the INTEGRITY OF THE LEAGUE is in danger! And if Brady...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Hopefully he looks Brady in the eye hard enough that he can't dodge Brady's fist rapidly coming towards his temple.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    So would anyone blame Brady if, if he sits any games this year, he just says "fuck this" and retires?  His reputation has been dragged through the mud already and he doesn't need the money or the shit that comes with it.  Tells Kraft to fuck himself for putting THE SHIELD above everything and...