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    For those of you who said they were cutting back or eliminating watching the NFL . . .

    After vowing last year never to watch another NFL game, I have failed that goal but have cut back substantially. Only now watch Pats games, on DVR, don’t know the score, starting at half time, without the ads. Have not watched a single NFL game without the Pats. Have only watched one or two...
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    No Game Today

    Opening day 149 days away
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    Workman's blues

      end of a long season, dog days, fatigue.--i hope so
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    Workman's blues

    i was at his game in st louis. his fastball sat 88-89. may have hit 90-91 once or twice. no more than that.    his decline speaks to an injury--i'm betting shoulder
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    Allen Craig

    farrell likely to have the full report(and full bad news) later today
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    Andrew Miller traded to Orioles

    keith law,on espn insider:   But two months of Miller, who's a free agent after the year, isn't much of a return for one of the top 100 prospects in the game, so Boston made out great here in getting Rodriguez. The 21-year-old left-hander needs more consistency and his slider is not yet an...
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    The offense has been horrible

    here's a good take on dusty and his diminishing ops!2AVJx
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    Drew is walking through that door

    sorry---dont know where else to put this gammo comment from today,while writing about drew:    The “Idiots” that ended the 86 year drought in 2004 turned against Terry Francona in 2005 when he didn’t name some of them to the All-Star Team, and it’s really hard to turn against Francona.   anyone...
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    Keeping track of replay

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    Keeping track of replay

    update on replay--102 challenges 35 'confirmed'; 30 'stood'; 36 'overturned'; 1 for record keeping(dont know what this means) Average length: 2:03.
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    Keeping track of replay

    all of them
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    Extending Lester

    gammo on lester
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    Introducing Statlas: data visualization and discussion of every pitch/play of every baseball game

    Here's last night's Red Sox game, for instance.    Statlas (   just tried to view in chrome. neither link loaded.
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    Keeping track of replay

    from mlb    instant replay mlb,so far 15 overturned / 43 replayed = 35%.