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    Ray Fosse passes away

    I can't remember if I knew who Ray Fosse was before I bought a catcher's mitt from a friend as an 11 year old, and it was a Ray Fosse model, but of course I quickly learned about him afterward. I still have the mitt. RIP, Mr. Fosse
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    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    It looked to me like he realized it himself
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    Streaming NFL games

    it seems pretty random - when I checked for my house a few years ago, I was deemed eligible for streaming, despite being able to see my neighbor's dish about 15 feet from where I sit while typing this. Now that I'm in, they happily take my $$$, and now that we have 2 teams in LA filling the...
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    Just started to see ads here today

    Yeah, “any forum” was just my experience - initial action is more accurate.
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    Just started to see ads here today

    If it's helpful to diagnose, it seems to come up when you first choose a forum after entering the site. I first noticed it this morning on my phone, and then later on my laptop, but only on the first click of a forum link.
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    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    If you click the link, this is in the Orange County Great Park (that big orange thing in the background is a tethered observation balloon), in Irvine - just up the street from me.
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    3/13 Rangers @ Bruins

    Has there been any word on Rask? I noticed him have what looked to me (an old-guy non-athlete) as the kind of small stumble that seems innocuous but pulls a back muscle, when a Capital skated past him late in the 3rd period the other night, and then when he was skating off (several minutes...
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    3/7 - New Jersey comes to Boston

    I thought that at the time and then he’s holding his back as he skates off (gulp)
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    The cost of youth athletics

    I always felt slightly bad about my relief that none of my kids were really good enough to get into this level of youth sports, but even at the lower levels it was expensive, time consuming and very hard on the rest of the family. Here in SoCal we have lots of friends who have one “star”...
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    Red Sox acquire Adam Ottavino and RHP prospect Frank German from Yankees for PTBNL

    In 1975 the Sox played in the HoF game at Cooperstown and I was lucky enough to get tickets. After the game, Cecil Cooper opened the windows on the bus and signed autographs (he was the only one to do so) and won a fan for life (I was 11). I was really bummed when he was traded.
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    A Country for Old Men: Tom Brady and His Ilk

    Bartolo "Big Sexy" Colon hit his first major league HR at 42, and was pretty entertaining for another few years. Not great, but he looked a lot more like 43 year old me than most
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    Hank Aaron has passed away

    Did anyone else ever try to hit cross-handed as a kid, just to be like him? It wasn't too hard to convince my mom to let me stay up for that Monday night game, and I still remember it vividly. Godspeed to an American hero.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.17 Game Thread

    As much as I wanted the Eagles to win and put the Giants in the playoffs, it was only because Rivera went for 2 and the win in the Giants WFT game a few weeks ago that it was a possibility.
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    Chara signs with Capitals

    Living on LI, I saw one of his first NHL games, and remember the hype and then the locals’ disappointment that he wasn’t an immediate success and then became trade bait. Based on that I remember sort of being surprised when he was immediately made captain, but to then watch him lead the Bs to...
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    2020 Jets

    The Jests aren’t losing for Lawrence on Sportsmax: View: