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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    I can't speak to the others, but Caruso's contract was in excess of what the Lakers could match as an RFA.
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    Generally speaking, contenders don’t get “priced out”. Once they’ve assembled their core it is almost preferably to keep high dollar contracts around at the very least for trade matching purposes. Of course there are tax constraints but the ceiling is high for a legit title contender.
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    A number of folks on the board think he won’t get a second contract with the Celtics (but with someone else?). That would imply a replacement level NBA player which honestly is not consistent with 20MPG on a playoff contender.
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    I feel like we are getting to the point where we might see Simmons moved for a pile of garbage and a boatload of draft picks. There’s still some leverage because a lot of teams have bloated garbage and draft picks beyond Houston/Wall. Off the top of my head there’s Kristaps who has been shopped...
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    We are in full narcissism of small differences territory.
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    Celtics Plan, Summer 2021

    For those who are counting, King basically assumes career highs in minutes for the top 5 guys on a team with more depth at their respective positions than almost any that these guys have ever played on before.
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    Dunn+Edwards to Memphis

    The criticism that I would levy against Ainge is that he held on to those low-value draft picks at the potential expense of useful veterans. However, that’s just speculation on my part. I mean, Presti is going to be in the same boat. We’ll see what he does with it.
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    Tatum got the bag(5 years, $195 million)

    I love that Paul Pierce hangs out a trashy strip mall hookah lounges. That seems perfect to me.
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    If someone was willing to pay him, he would get paid.
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    Tatum got the bag(5 years, $195 million)

    I mean, Yi did fill out as an older guy. Didn't help him suck any less though.
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    Pats Release Cam Newton

    Seems like the book was written once he failed COVID protocol. Doesn’t hurt that Mccorkle looks good.
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    Pats Preseason: QB Edition

    Covert? Anyways, you guys taught me that Scott Zolak still has a job. We can’t quit our beloved third tier benchwarmers can we.
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    Free Agency Frenzy Thread

    For different sports, Calvin Hill was a pretty great NFL running back. His kid Grant was decent at basketball, too.
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    Timelord signs big extension (4 yrs/54 mill)

    Cynical side of me says "another solid mid-level contract for salary matching". $13.5M seems like a reasonable AAV. Here's the market for comparison: Derrick Rose PG 32 UFA NYK NYK 3 $43,562,189 $14,520,730 Doug McDermott SF 29 UFA IND SAS 3 $42,000,000 $14,000,000 Josh Hart SG 26 RFA...