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    Unusual plays, Calls or Rulings happened at least twice this past season - and probably should've happened more - I have no idea why it's a thing with this kid. He is otherwise a pretty smart player. I know the coach has talked with him about it and told him not to do that.
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    Unusual plays, Calls or Rulings

    There's a kid on my son's HS team who has the bad habit of starting to walk to first before ball 4 reaches the plate. He's a RHB and a couple times he's been called back because he walked into a pitch.
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    SOSH has a new author

    I watched this game w/ Mike F and yecul at the Vermont Pub & Brewery...Mike had some superstitions about watching extras in the pub, so he went home to watch after the 9th...yecul & I stayed till the end. I would argue for this game as the best game of all time. Someone above likened ot to a...
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    Survivor 2021

    I would likely participate in a group effort as well.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I live in Vermont and use a VPN to watch the Sox on MLBtv since I don't have cable/satalite. It mostly works fine - but this year I've not been able to watch Sox/mfy unless they are on Fox/ESPN. Anybody else experience this and figure out a workaround?
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    I of course remember Ellis Burks coming up with the Sox and playing here from '87-'92. But until he was in the booth for NESN a few weeks ago I had completely forgotten that he came back and played a few games for the '04 team and has a ring.
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    2021 Draft

    The Pirates have 4 HS kids left to sign in their top ten, and enough money left to give each of them significant over slot bonuses. I'd be shocked if Kellington doesn't sign. That - and my kid tells me that Owen has changed his profile on one of the social media platforms from "UConn Commit"...
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    Travel team questions

    This is spot on. Getting kids to all these various commitments is a huge time suck - it is a chore for parents. If they're doing it for any reason other than that their kid loves being there, they should stop. I only have one kid - but live in the middle of nowhere so every sport felt like...
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    Boston Red Sox 2021 Draft Class

    Do UDFA's who get a bonus above a certain amount count against the bonus pool? I'd think yes, but do not know.
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    2021 Draft

    I think so...slot is ~$570K - that's plenty more than a UCONN education. I gotta believe they had a number in mind and communicated that to teams. PIT can't afford to squander the pool money (or the year of development on the pick), so I imagine they had a pretty good understanding of what it...
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    2021 Draft

    Yeah, this is a pretty big deal for Vermont baseball, it's been forever since a VT kid went this early (if ever...I think Tyler Pelland was like a 7th rounder 20 years ago and we had a couple guys in the 13th/14th a few years ago). I watched Owen play in the state championship game - he can hit...
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    First time baseball coach

    When I coached young kids - was a level below u-10 that I did this but should be fine there too - I explicitly asked the parents to watch a few innings of a game on TV with their kids just so that they could get a feel for how things are supposed to work. Because every team has 3-4 kids who are...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    VPN Unlimited is working for me to stream the Sox on
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    First time baseball coach

    Yeah - that's good re the HBP. We used tennis balls - but anything they can get plunked with a bunch of times w/o getting hurt until they just instinctively turn the right way will work.
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    First time baseball coach

    Yeah - this. One year I had three kids named Jackson...the one who played hockey I called Skates....the one who's family were (otherwise very nice people but) Yankee fans was Reggie...I didn't know the third kid before this season and he picked his own nickname...."Ultramosh" - I still have no...