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2018 Patriots Defense

Discussion in 'Blinded by the Lombardis: Patriots Forum' started by BaseballJones, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Saints Rest

    Saints Rest Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Nice article from masslive.com, primarily focused on the Amoeba Defense, but covering a lot more than just that.

    My big takeaway from it, is that unlike last season, where the Pats had to limit the defensive playbook, this year, starting with the KC game, they have been expanding the playbook a lot. This has made them a lot less predictable on D.
  2. j44thor

    j44thor Member SoSH Member

    I was just coming to post this, excellent article indeed.

    Also just a bit concerning that McCourty is currently out with concussion. If he doesn't get cleared until middle of next week or misses the game I wonder what that does to the game plan. They likely have to limit the exotic looks they can use given he is responsible for so many calls as the article suggests.

    Also makes me wonder who NE will match up best against defensively.

    With BAL you know what they are going to run so I question how much value there is to confusing them. L Jax isn't going to be making calls at the line based on what he sees. He is going to make all his adjustments post snap ala read-option.

    Philip Rivers is going to be tough to confuse given he has seen virtually every defense there is and he has the weapons in all 3 parts of the field to take advantage of any potential gaps, esp if Hunter Henry comes back.

    To me HOU/DeShaun Watson is the best match-up defensively. He tends to let plays develop a long time and certainly hasn't seen every look NE can throw at him.
  3. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    This was McCourty's first documented concussion right? Hoping he recovers quickly.
  4. Ed Hillel

    Ed Hillel Wants to be startin somethin SoSH Member

    Belichick indicated on WEEI that they’re optimistic he’ll be good to go. Getting that from him so early sounds like good news to me. He’s rarely so forthcoming.
  5. Super Nomario

    Super Nomario Member SoSH Member

    Very interesting article, and would provide more context for the limited impact a lot of the new arrivals and youngsters have had. On the other hand, we got fooled last year by a run of good performances against sub-standard offenses, only to see things implode in the Super Bowl. So I'm agnostic.
  6. joe dokes

    joe dokes Member SoSH Member

    He's quoted in the article. Availability is usually a good sign. Although those quotes could have been acquired last week.
  7. dcmissle

    dcmissle Deflatigator Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Coughed up the lead in regulation, but they played well enough to win. Solid effort following very good effort last week. We need one more.
  8. patinorange

    patinorange Member SoSH Member

    I was hating on them during the second half, but looking back,they took away Kelce and Hill for the most part and gave up some crazy screens. Reid did a good job exploiting them in the second half and the kid made some incredible throws.
  9. dcmissle

    dcmissle Deflatigator Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    We’ve drawn in the SB the weakest of the 4 QBs who played this weekend. Protect Brady and make this happen.
  10. DeadlySplitter

    DeadlySplitter Member SoSH Member

    the scheme in the 1st half was great. held SCORELESS and Mahomes was rattled. If the offense had been perfect instead of near-perfect with one major gaffe, this game could have been over at half, that's how good the complementary football was.

    at least one of the TDs in the 2nd half was completely bogus on that pick play. you knew Mahomes would make some stuff happen, but really if you look back at every play I felt the refs bailed him out on 3rd down a lot. They were still forcing 3rd & longs.

    I thought it was a great effort despite the raw number of points given up. But they did kinda spit the bit at the end of regulation.

    the good news is if they can get that type of pressure on Goff, Goff looked like a deer today. he's no Mahomes.
  11. jodyreeddudley78

    jodyreeddudley78 Member SoSH Member

    Anyone that thinks the defense played poorly today is almost crazy. At least 7 points are directly attributable to a TO, questionable calls. They held the best (at least top 3) NFL offense to 0 points in the first half -- on their home field. Hill and Kelce were all but unseen. I'm sure they were ok with the RBs getting the ball due to game plan, and the box score reflected that. And they lost the TO battle.

    Edit: they held KC to 290 total yards... At home. That's like a half for them normally. Game strategy, etc... But still.
    #111 jodyreeddudley78, Jan 20, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
  12. Super Nomario

    Super Nomario Member SoSH Member

    And while they didn't get a turnover, two of the sacks led to drives that started in KC territory, setting up great field position for the O (one, unfortunately, was the goal line pick, but the other was a field goal drive that only went 8 yards). I joked that Mahomes' best play in the first half was falling on the loose ball after the late strip sack - that had defensive TD written all over it.
  13. MuppetAsteriskTalk

    MuppetAsteriskTalk lurker

    Yes the D was great except for that horrible final 30 seconds of the game.
  14. BaseballJones

    BaseballJones goalpost mover SoSH Member

    I said it in the game bread but this was the best defensive performance probably in the TB/BB era, all things considered. And one of the greatest defensive performances in Super Bowl history.

    I don’t think any of us expected THAT.
  15. Dotrat

    Dotrat Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Definitely not--but what a beautifully dominant performance it was. That was not only a curb stomping, it was a curb stomping of what was supposed to be the virtually un-defensible offense of the future.
  16. lostjumper

    lostjumper Member SoSH Member

    3 points given up in the Superbowl during the year where the most points ever were scored. Incredible!
  17. Morgan's Magic Snowplow

    Morgan's Magic Snowplow Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    And against the 11th highest scoring team in NFL history during the regular season.
  18. dcmissle

    dcmissle Deflatigator Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    I’d have to go back to “03, “04 to find something close, maybe a couple of those efforts against the Colts. Considering the stakes and our offense being shut down tonight, probably ranks #1.

    Shocking turnaround this postseason. Mea culpa.
  19. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

    The D and the OL were such a trainwreck at times but both came around to be a strength. What a year.
  20. BigSoxFan

    BigSoxFan Member SoSH Member

    Brian Flores is a god. Holding the Rams and Chiefs to 3 points over a span of 6 quarters. I mean WTF.
  21. ifmanis5

    ifmanis5 Member SoSH Member

    ESPN Stat: In back to back weeks the Pats beat the two best offenses in the playoffs. The only other times that happened were the '69 Chiefs and '66 Packers.
  22. Beomoose

    Beomoose Member SoSH Member

    And I am officially not ready to be scared of the friggin Dolphins, but will be thanks to Flores.
  23. tims4wins

    tims4wins PN23's replacement SoSH Member

    Haven’t read too many articles today about how the defense is slow and lacks athleticism. Interesting.
  24. Ferm Sheller

    Ferm Sheller Member SoSH Member

    There’s a huge difference between being, effectively, a coordinator and being head coach, though.
  25. NortheasternPJ

    NortheasternPJ Member SoSH Member

    So with Flores gone, who's going to coach the defense now? With Patricia leaving last year, Flores wasn't even the D-Coordinator yet, is there a successor lined up?
  26. BigJimEd

    BigJimEd Member SoSH Member

    Rumors are that they are bringing Schiano in. We should know for sure shortly.

    Even before the last couple games I was more concerned with losing Flores than Patricia.
  27. NortheasternPJ

    NortheasternPJ Member SoSH Member

    That's right, I had forgotten that in the last couple weeks. It's going to take a couple years to rebuild that staff internally so Schiano make sense.

    I'm with you on Flores. I was hoping they were just using him for the Rooney Rule, but here we are.
  28. CCR

    CCR lurker

  29. dcdrew10

    dcdrew10 Member SoSH Member

  30. loshjott

    loshjott Well-Known Member Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    This could go in multiple threads....

    Excellent article by Adam Kilgore in the Washington Post.

    ‘The best to ever do it’: How Bill Belichick out-coached Sean McVay in the Super Bowl

    It gets to BB's game planning genius and also his penchant for intense preparation:

    If that anecdote doesn't define BB and the Patriots, I don't know what does.
  31. Was (Not Wasdin)

    Was (Not Wasdin) family crest has godzilla SoSH Member

    I heard on a podcast this morning that the Pats held their playoff opponents to a total of 7 points in the first half across the three games. The last team to be that stingy in the playoffs-the 1985 Chicago Bears, who held their collective opponents to a single field goal in the first half across 3 games (by the Pats, in the SB, to give them the early but short-lived lead).

    The Pats did it against 3 of the top 10 offenses in the league by just about any measure (points, yards, etc.), and measured by Yards Per Play they were three of the top 4 teams in the league (how did Tampa Bay sneak in at #3-I wouldnt have pegged their offense as "explosive"). One game at home, one on the road (against the best offense) and one on a neutral field.

    By any measure, this is one of the greatest defensive runs in NFL playoff history, likely without a single player on D who makes the Hall of Fame.
  32. DegenerateSoxFan

    DegenerateSoxFan Member SoSH Member

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/...erformance-history-here-how-patriots-did-rams: Barnwell makes in a case based on an interesting metric, the opponent's score in the SB as a percent of their opponent's regular season scoring average, in this case a ridiculous 9.1% (3 points allowed, when the Rams had averaged 32.9 a game all season). I wish someone on the D could have gotten the MVP, but I can't quibble with the choice, given that it really was a team effort, and Edelman's production was the difference in offensive production in a low-scoring game.
  33. Mugsy's Walk-Off Bunt

    Mugsy's Walk-Off Bunt lurker

    If everything else remained the same and the fumble he forced on the sideline had bounced back toward the field of play, the MVP would very likely have gone to Gilmore. Although, in that case, it's probable High would've recovered so the MVP could have gone to him.

    Whatever, I LOVE JULES.

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