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joe dokes
Jul 18, 2005
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joe dokes


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    1. charlieoscar
      I'm not the only one who missed the long Houston 1-0 game. I did a web search and reported what I found but I recall being surprised that it was only a 13-inning game.
    2. benhogan
      which part was wrong?

      the part where Boston has made 59 outs on the base paths, by far the most in the majors.


      the part where we're getting edgy about outs on the basepaths?
      1. joe dokes
        joe dokes
        I responded to the post. But the thread about "outs at home" gave some context that opened my eyes a bit. They lead in outs, and are near the top in "getting extra bases" (however that's measured) and is %%% of doing same (again, however, that's measured). So its sort of a mixed bag.
        That said, "wrong," by itself was unnecessarily short.
        Aug 5, 2017
    3. loafasaur
      RE Cameron, the drs/trainers were on top of his situation. He was nursing a sports hernia. Everybody knew it. Remember the bit about how impressed his teammates were about how much work he put in daily to get ready to play? The last or next-to-last game he played he stretched backhand for a liner in front of the wall, and that was it. No issue with medical treatment for him.
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