Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

Dick Drago

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Mar 28, 2002
Dick McAuliffe. Pretty good 2nd baseman, completely over the hill by the time he got to Boston. Typical of the pre-75 Sox, bringing in guys well past their prime—Marichal, Aparicio, Cepeda, Diego Segui to name a few.

McAuliffe I only remembered reading this thread-my 7 year old self dreaded his always weak at-bats.


Apr 12, 2023
Which player has won the most Gold Gloves in a career? Hint: one year he fielded .933. Over the years, a number of players have been considered the best fielder at their position and repeatedly received the award until they retired or someone noticeably better, came along. You need to look at fielding carefully as the way things were judged are now turning into the way things are measured. This is not intended as a knock against Aparicio.

Greg Maddux, 18 Gold Gloves