Your Best & Worst Picks of Round 2 & 3


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Aug 1, 2006
What are your best & worst picks in day 2 across the league?
Worst is Moody to me... I actually like Moody but a kicker in the 3rd? college kicker translation is hit or miss and a 3rd is too valuable to me.

Best... Leaving out Washington since no clue on his medicals....
I really like the Foskey pick, O'Torrence, White and Schmitz


Dec 19, 2012
round 2 best o cyrus torrence
worst zach charbonnet or marvin mimms jr

round 3 best drew sanders
worst jake moody u never draft a K before round 3


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Sep 30, 2007
Best: Foskey, Branch, both Bengals picks (DJ Turner and Jordan Battle).

Worst: Tyjae Spears (missing an ACL in one of his knees), Brodric Martin, Jake Moody


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Jul 15, 2005
To me, Mayer seems like a good pick BUT I listen to Lombardi’s podcast and he says his TV tape is a lot better, in terms of making him look good, than his coaches tape.

bad? Honestly, no idea. I’d have to make something up.

edit: I just realized Lombardi’s kid will now be coaching Mayer
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scott bankheadcase

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Nov 1, 2006
Lynch basically admitted they had to reach for Moody, but I do kinda understand his point.

Basically they think he’s the only K worth drafting this year, K is the only spot they don’t have an actual starter in right now and they don’t pick again until the very end of round 5, meaning Moody would have been gone by then.

Makes sense to me, and honestly I prefer it over another bust round 3 rb, which is what Shanny normally wants.


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Jul 20, 2009
I try and assign worst and bets in terms of fits so Mapu to me isn’t a bad pick.
Brenton Strange to the Jags is weird. He’s more of an H-back and not an in-line guy and he’s a linear player.
Chicago taking Dexter and Pickens was weird. You really want two developmental 3 techs? Tank Dell for Houston when you have Metchie? I love Tyjae Spears but he might not be able to last for more than a couple of years which is fine for an RB and it’s late day 3 but why not get more OL?
That’s really it that stood out as questionable for me. The rest of the picks might be “reaches” but it’s later day 2 and none of them are scheme mismatches that stand out.


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Mar 16, 2008
Henderson, NV
Round 2:
Best - probably Porter, nothing really stands out as awesome
Worst - Levis. I think he's going to be a bust

Round 3:
Best - Battle (CIN), Steen (PHI)
Worst - Dell (HOU), Moody (SF). Does Moody really go in the 4th or early 5th? Dell getting picked before some others didn't make sense.


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Dec 1, 2000
Chicago taking Dexter and Pickens was weird. You really want two developmental 3 techs?
The Bears DL position group is trash and Eberflus really wants to rebuild that group from the line out. I’m not surprised they double dipped - both those guys are going to play a lot of snaps this year, so it’s going to be development by fire - but am really surprised that they didn’t get aggressive in 2nd round for an edge.

The Bears brass spent a lot of time with Jalen Carter and digging into his life. The local writers expected that of Carter fell to 9, the Bears would bite. But they didn’t, which tells us that they were really nervous about a generational talent at a position of massive need. But that left them where they have to throw volume at the problem.

scott bankheadcase

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Nov 1, 2006
Wasn’t sure wether to put this here or the niners thread but:

It’s an interesting and I think more honest than normal look at a draft room.

The entire Niners organization was super happy about the Brown pick. Everyone loves him everyone on board.

Then Lynch talks about how he makes the Moody pick and everyone including himself isn’t happy they’re doing it, but he thinks they need to. Just found it interesting that they’re admitting it: