Women’s World Cup ‘23 Game Thread (spoilers)


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Jul 15, 2005
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Great match, fitting for a final. I backed England, but I'm not mad Spain won, not mad at all. I had to mute the build up cos it's just too much jingoism, when the full weight of the BBC becomes the English BBC and Britain is, in effect, another word for England...or t'other way round.

But the Lionesses are a great group of players and they done England proud. The FA had rejected a proposal to pay each of the Lionesses £100k bonus if they won - a terrible decision, even if it might be moot now.


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Dec 1, 2000
Great match befitting a great World Cup, complete with a first time winner after so many countries broke through to new heights.

Bonmati is going to be a very deserved World Player of the Year.

For all the financial drama and men’s team fucking around Barca have done, this Spanish team is theirs. They are hands down the biggest force in the women’s game today. And it’s pushing everyone else to a higher level. Long any it last.

Wiegman again shows why she’s the best with her halftime subs and adjustments. She has no fear. She prepares so thoroughly and in such detail that it never really seems like she’s taking a risk, but rather executing a plan.

The English were a touch unlucky today, but they battled adversity every step of this tournament. How many squads have a mentality like theirs?

The Spanish manager and FA can fuck off. Their victory lap will be gross after the players won this in-spite of them. And this is true of far too many women’s teams - their fights off the pitch are as exhausting as the ones on it. The sport deserves so much more.

if you enjoyed this tournament - and really, who didn’t? - and aren’t already an active supporter of a women’s professional club, please start now. NWSL, WSL, Barca, Lyon…whatever grabs your interest. The growth on that side of the sport is going to push the gams to new heights. Buy a jersey (the NWSL annually has the best designs of any league in the world), catch a match (see world class talent up close), follow on social media. Spread the word.


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Apr 15, 2006
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It was a poor penalty, but did anyone else think the keeper left early?
She objectively did. That said, the kicker has every advantage imaginable and the pauses and stutter steps that skirt the intent of the law are allowed to go. I think she was close enough that the millimeters off don’t constitute an overwhelming advantage.

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Oct 31, 2013
Didn't get to watch the game until the evening. What a game! Pretty darned good for a 1-0. Spain always seems to have these in the Final, lol. The TikiTaka by Spain was pretty good. Feel fortunate to not have been spoiled by emails etc.

I HATED Spain taking out Redondo so early playing for the 1-0 win, but I guess the spanish manager was proven right. But Anson Dorrance probably had a heart attack seeing Spain NOT go to the corner.

Glad the "birthplace of soccer" didn't win. Think Earps deserved MOP if such existed. A losing goalie, but yes. Although I think she left a bit early on the PK save.

Viva Adidas, lol. Nice celebration by Carmona. Hope she gets rewarded by Bavaria from it.