Why Are MLB Teams Treating $246M Like A Hard Barrier?

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I'm not sure on Antonio Brown's contract status, but I do know that cutting an NFL player puts all of his remaining signing bonus money on the next salary cap year. That can be more or less than the guys salary, depending on the signing bonus, how long you're into the contract, and how they staged it, but all of the salary just goes away and you never have to pay it. Often you see stuff like roster bonuses, etc so that the bonus money gets spread out in stages on the contract. They're pretty creative. But no matter what, it's a lot better than paying Hanley and Pablo the full rest of their contracts. I'm sure MLB owners would prefer that system if they could get it.
So it's cap now in NFL instead of cap later in MLB. Potato Potahto


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Oct 19, 2008
The analysis by the undergraduate at Brown is interesting.

Just reinforces my belief that the players union needs to make losing hurt more. Maybe on top of the penalties I laid out before, propose that the first overall draft pick can’t go to a team that loses more than 95 games unless their payroll was at least 1/2 the luxury tax threshold. Something like if you lose 102 games with a $60 million payroll, your first pick gets moved back 4 spots. That won’t matter for someone like Angelos who couldn’t care less about winning, but it would help out teams like Milwaukee and Minnesota who try.