We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)


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Mar 14, 2006
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With the news that JBJ is signing with Milwaukee, I figured this was the time to start a thread in appreciation of his efforts in Boston. Best defensive CF I’ve ever watched on a daily basis and an all around good guy. I’m sad we couldn’t re-sign him.


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Jan 23, 2009
He was never going to resign but it still stings a bit when long-time players leave. The memories, man.
If he'd been willing to take 2/24 in, say, January, I think Bloom pulls the trigger. But he wasn't, so the Sox moved on.

That said, they're going to miss his defense in center. Best defender they've had out there in my lifetime.


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Jul 15, 2005
Thanks for the memories especially the timely XBHs in the 2018 ALCS. Such a streaky hitter. When he was on he was on. Loved watching him make great plays in CF.

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Mar 11, 2007
Damn! One of my favorite players over the past several seasons.... was always optimistic that he'd find some consistency and be a steady force at the plate.
It's crazy that the WS team only 2 years ago is now a completely different team on the field.
The outfield is totally turned over, and only Xander remains. Devers was on the team but wasn't the main guy at 3B.

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Jul 16, 2006
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He’d have these two-week stretches where he’d hit everything with authority and I’d think to myself, “He is establishing a new level. He’s turning into Barry Bonds!” Inevitably this would be followed by a period where he’d flail at everything and a ground out to the shortstop felt like a success.

What a joy to watch with the glove though. He made some catches in right-center after which he’d come up firing—dazzling. Really glad that he landed on his feet and that this won’t drag out any further. I’ll miss him.

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Oct 23, 2003
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I'm not sure I ever remember a Sox center fielder turning in ridiculous plays so frequently.

His hitting was never what you wanted it to be save for those brief weeks when it was.

We'll miss you JBJ. So much for the outfield of the future.


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Jul 20, 2005
Sigh, another gone. Quite the dramatic remake this team has undergone. I'll definitely miss him; he's one of those guys who I loved more than the stats said I should. Home-grown guys who make amazing plays on the regular are hard to say goodbye to. And when he got hot with the bat, man it was a thing to behold.


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Apr 23, 2010
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I can’t blame the FO for not wanting to overpay, and I fully support the rebuild, but this one stings for me. I hate losing home grown guys. I know his offense never reached the consistency everyone hoped it would, but man when he was on a run, he would absolutely tear it up. And was a complete joy to watch defensively. Seemed like a really good guy as well. Hope he does very well in Milwaukee.
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Dec 21, 2003
Stevensville, MD
It really sucks when players have to move on. JBJ has been my favorite player to root for over the past six seasons. Thanks for the 2018 ALCS, JBJ - you were an absolute stud.


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May 31, 2007
Hit 2 incredibly clutch HRs off Osuna and James in Games 3 and 4. That is his legacy along with all the other incredible defensive plays. Will always root for this guy.


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Jan 2, 2006
He was a great CF, but for 24M, I am not sad to see him move on. I think there are far better ways to spend the money.


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Sep 20, 2005
Glad he got a decent payoff -- this late in the game, I had my doubts. Hopefully he's still a viable FA two years from now.

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Jul 29, 2005
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JBJ was so much fun to watch in the outfield. And while the focus is (rightly) on his ALCS MVP award, he was magic that entire 2018 season. I forget that sometimes, given the season Mookie had.


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Feb 7, 2019
Can't believe the three B's are all out of towners now. JBJ was the best defensive CFer I've seen play for the Sox. Had one heck of a season in Ortiz's final year.


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Aug 23, 2011
Probably my favorite player of the last seven years. For a guy without huge power, there’d be a few times a year where he’d absolutely destroy the ball. Obviously the 478 footer in Colorado, but there was quite a few others as well.


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Apr 11, 2012
It was pretty clear he wasn't coming back, so I'm just elated he's being well paid. What a pleasure that we got to see his defense in his prime; I look forward to seeing him pop up in the highlight threads forever. Thanks for the magic, JBJ.


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Jun 2, 2007
Dang, really sorry to see him go. I know his bat was a bit wild but his defense and work ethic were always there. Seems like a great guy and teammate, too. Sad to see him go for only $24M.


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Sep 4, 2005
Pedey and JBJ in - what, two weeks? So many LOL fielding highlights (including the mixtape above, thanks @simplicio). JBJ hitting was great when it happened, but JBJ with a glove (and the rocket arm) was always a treat

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Aug 18, 2010
This one stings for me too. Ever since he was dubbed the heir apparent when Jacoby Ellsbury left I found myself rooting for JBJ. At the time I thought it was putting a lot of extra pressure on a kid just coming up to replace a All Star/Gold Glover, but IMHO he didn't disappoint. JBJ may have been a streaky hitter, but just seeing the way he played center field made the games worth watching.


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Sep 9, 2008
I guess I need to change my avatar. I was hoping it would cause him to stay but I guess he doesn’t follow me.

I will miss the “he will never get that one” feeling while the ball is in the air.

Our entire championship outfield gone in 2 years. Man you just can’t fall in love with these players any longer in this business.


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Jul 8, 2003
I'm 55 and have watched a ton of baseball in my life. I never enjoyed watching anyone play defense as much.

Hope he knocks 'em dead in Milwaukee.

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Nov 8, 2002
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I would watch games in the hope something would be hit to center field - just for entertainment. How often does that happen?

Easily my favorite sock after Ortiz and Pedroia.

Sometimes I hate the business of baseball. It's one thing to lose players to age or injury, another to the kings of finance.

As said above, it hurts doubly since the 3-B outfielders were all home-grown. Sometimes baseball just sucks.

(It also sucks that 2 of the 3 were AA).

I hope Jackie has the best year of his career.


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Nov 6, 2005
I had to add my lurker"s thanks to this thread. Best wishes to JBJ in his new uniform. He left me with many good Red Sox memories.

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Jul 15, 2005
Christian Yelich is going to be able to setup a chair in LF and be asked to cover the ten feet on both sides of the foul line with JBJ and Lorenzo Cain out there with him. Since 2017, when Statcast began tracking Outs Above Average (OAA), Cain and JBJ are the #2 and #4 outfielders, respectively, although their age may start to catch up to them a bit (Cain turns 35 in April, JBJ turns 31 in April).

1. Ender Inciarte, 77 OAA
2. Lorenzo Cain, 69 OAA
3. Kevin Kiermaier, 62 OAA
4. Jackie Bradley Jr., 62 OAA
51. Christian Yelich, 3 OAA

Now that JBJ is gone, I'll let nostalgia erase all of the slumps, remember all of the defense, and think of him only as this guy offensively, a stretch in which I thought he was legitimately becoming a possible MVP-level player:

Apr 30 to May 25, 2016 23 95 0.451 0.526 0.841 1.368

And the aforementioned 478-ft homer should be linked in here:


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Aug 1, 2006
I remember the feeling of checking the box score for this game after I had been camping in August 2015 and laughing out loud.

Jackie had hit .197/.274/.289 over 618 PAs over his career to that point. He had shown signs of putting it together the prior two weeks, but seeing him put up a 5-for-6 line from the 9-hole with three doubles and two dingers in a 22-10 win over the Mariners, it felt like he had finally arrived.

I hope he gets paid handsomely over the rest of his career and I'll really miss him.


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Best of luck to a very decent human being - Boston's homeless community has certainly benefited from his (and his wife's) charity work during his time here.

Will be missed at Fenway- especially those superman catches; the stuff that makes baseball so darn fun.


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Aug 1, 2006
Thanks for the memories JBJ. You were a pleasure to root for

I hope you can turn these next two years into another nice sized and lengthy contract


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Feb 4, 2012
Sucks that we kept none of our outfield of the future. Love Verdugo but he’s the anchor now and he’s still a kid.

Pretty wild.

JBJ was infuriating with the bat, but as smooth as an OF can be. He always had the build and swing that looked like a breakout was imminent, and when it came - it came hard. But would always be short lived.


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Nov 17, 2002
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He has been my favorite player on this team. I suck at hitting a baseball, so when he went through his low points with the bat, I know the struggle. He never let that bother him in the field and he always seemed to get hot and make you think he could be a star if he put it all together. The Sox rushed him up in 2013 and I have always felt that hurt his development. Also, he carried himself with class and dignity. Just a good guy and I will miss him.


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Sep 29, 2000
My dad had a massive stroke in February 2013 before passing away on April 3rd of that year. The 2013 Spring Training was all about whether JBJr would come up with the big squad and was a welcome respite from the grim homefront. The last game I "watched" with my dad from his room at Mass General was opening day against the MFY in which Jackie made his debut. He acquitted himself well, drawing a few walks, scoring two runs and knocking one in as the Sox won behind Lester 8-2. I'll always be grateful to the 2013 Sox for the happiness they brought my mom, me and the rest of my family during an otherwise deeply sorrowful time. And, when I think of that team the first thing I think about - although he would turn out to be only a small contributor - is watching JBJr making his debut on opening day with my dad.

Godspeed, Jackie.


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Oct 20, 2015
I tried to find a concise video of his 29 game hitting streak in 2016, just found a bunch of one-off clips. He was legit Willie Mays for that stretch.