Tracking the Draft Prospects: Defensive Tackle


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Jul 19, 2005
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Super Nomario said:
Some DT advanced metrics:
TL;DR: Donald's awesome. Hageman shows up pretty well for a guy who has a rep as an underperforming producer. He's pretty versatile and did pretty well against the run and the pass. Sutton is a pure 3-tech who struggled against the run. Jernigan is a run-stuffing nose that's built like a 3-tech. I've read that he might be a draft "slider" and that makes sense to me; he seems like the prototypical guy who was great in college but will be less effective in the NFL.
Since he has been uninvited to NYC, this would be a good assumption on Jernigan.


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Aug 4, 2005
Another timely reminder that there are some real dirt bags in this League, and that stands whether Jernigan failed or not.

edit: so now the report has been clarified to make clear that the problem was a diluted sample. And interestingly, the same was reported -- today -- about Mettenberger.


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Feb 7, 2010
Pretty funny: John Dennis demanding this morning that Ben Volin explain why Dennis had never heard of Stephon Tuitt before today.


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Jan 1, 2009
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lambeau said:
Pretty funny: John Dennis demanding this morning that Ben Volin explain why Dennis had never heard of Stephon Tuitt before today.
What? Is there some kind of connection/rumors with Tuitt and the Pats?


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May 11, 2011
lambeau said:
Dominique Easely tells media he prefers cartoons to watching NFL--another genius Gator; Herald says this took him off BB's board.
Guess not. 
lambeau said:
I think if we target Aaron Donald in Rd 1 and can't get him, an awfully good option might be Dominique Easely in Rd 2--he should be there, due to rehabbing from his second ACL.
I think he is worth the risk, because he's just what we need to push up the middle. He looks pretty unstoppable against Tennesee in September. Only 6' 2" 285 lbs--very like Donald.
You were the first to mention him though. Good call.

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Nov 5, 2000
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Super Nomario said:
Any thoughts on what kind of DT / DL the Pats should be targeting? Donald, Easley, and Sutton seem like pure 3-technique guys. Nix is probably the truest NT. Guys like Hageman and Tuitt seem like good fits as guys who can play 3-4 DE and move inside on passing downs (where Donald, for instance, lacks the length to play 3-4 DE).
There are a lot of young guys currently at the position, but I don't know how they feel about any of them. Siliga seemed to do a pretty good job at nose, but is he the heir apparent to Wilfork? Vellano and Jones are both built like 3-techniques, but they ended up playing a lot of NT and 3-4 DE respectively. Armstead's size would seem to make him a great fit for the 3-4 DE / 4-3 DT swing role, but who knows what we can expect from him?
Another year has passed, and I have the same question again. I see a lot of folks here taking DTs for their draft binkies, but what kind?
- Pure NT to replace Wilfork - how confident do we feel in Siliga filling this role? Is there anyone behind him? Who fits in this draft? Washington's Danny Shelton for sure, but anyone else? Maybe FSU's Eddie Goldman?
- Penetrating DT to add to interior rush - are we covered here with Easley? Can Easley play 1-tech on passing downs? Will Jones kick inside to get Sheard on the field on passing downs? Seem like quite a few options here, particularly in later rounds
- Taller DE/DT hybrid who can play 4 or 5 technique and kick inside on passing downs - is this needed? They've kind of toyed with this with Kelly and Branch in recent years but it hasn't seemed like a big priority. Arik Armstead and Jordan Phillips would seem to fit into this bucket


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Jan 8, 2001
I have no tangible reason for it but Armstead scares the crap out of me.  I have read where he could develop into the best DL in the draft.  I just worry he wont.
If we take him i feel he will flame out and never take the leap.  If we dont take him he will be the next JJ Watt.  Crazy but thats what my thoughts are currently on Armstead.
Luckily he seems like too much of a boom or bust player that doesnt have the "intangibles" that the Pats seemingly so often go for.