THE Ohio State University Football thread (and B1G in general)


Jun 12, 2022
North Shore
Surprised there is no thread on here for
THE Ohio State University Buckeyes

Buckeyes had 10, yes 10 - 5 star recruits on hand and a ton of celebrities including Tatum at the shoe as tOSU hosted ND.

Credit to Marcus Freeman.. his guys showed up ready to play. Game was way closer than it should have been but tOSU made the plays in the second half

JSN’s injury looks to be minimal all things considering. Out just a few weeks which is a call anyone with a brain would’ve made no matter how serious the injury is.

Offense was out of rhythm and did not live up to the hype. But injuries played a role in that. Stroud missed a couple of passes that were likely to go for 6. Henderson stepped out of bounds when he had nothing but green in front. I’m not worried about the offense but for a unit that was supposed to challenge to be the greatest offense of all-time… a ton of work to be done.

Defense was the bright spot …. Knowles already showing what he brings to this team. The talent was there last season but seems like it might be put to use this year. And we don’t know how good ND is on offense but the speed of the D line was crystal clear.

If the offense livesup to the hype and the defense plays this way - this team could be for real but for right now they don’t deserve the #2 preseason ranking - I’d put them at 3. With Georgia