The Magic Number


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Jul 15, 2005

and for home field in the playoffs (and World Series?)
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Jul 19, 2005
Boston, NY
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OOPS, I missed Sox Puppet's post...damn, I thought I was onto something.
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Oct 1, 2015
The Sox' schedule is pretty hard the rest of the way, but I gotta believe they'll find a way to win six games (meaning 6-9 over the last 15). Of course, if they just go 3-12, NY needs to go 14-2 just to tie.

If NY sweeps Boston all six remaining games (of course they don't all get played in a row here), then Bos would have 101 wins with 9 games left, and NY would have 96 wins with 10 games left. Boston could go 3-6 and NY would have to go 8-2 just to tie.

It's not over till it's over, but it's just exceedingly difficult to see how NY could pull this off.