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Jan 22, 2015
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Figured he deserves his own outside the trade thread (very open to more clever titles). Very excited to see him on the floor tomorrow. Coaches anonymously quoted in this Athletic article just can't say enough about his defense:

But to hear at least some NBA coaches and assistant coaches tell it, the Lillard trade may not be the deal that most alters the league’s balance of power. A trade that occurred several days later and involved Jrue Holiday, one of the players Lillard originally was traded for, could end up being the move that makes the biggest impact on the NBA postseason.

Holiday’s defense is that good, coacheaes said. And the Boston Celtics, the team that acquired Holiday on Oct. 1 from the Trail Blazers, elevated their title hopes by bringing him into their fold.

“I’m very interested in how he’s going to defend this year because of the trade,” one Eastern Conference assistant coach told The Athletic. “I think Boston’s going to enhance that, and I think if they meet Milwaukee in a (playoff) series, he’s the piece that can stop Damian Lillard.”

I think he’s one of the best on-ball pick-and-roll defenders,” an Eastern Conference assistant coach told The Athletic before Milwaukee traded Holiday to Boston. “From a coach’s perspective, I view it also as when you’re approaching a team and preparing for a team, who do you have to game plan for? And Jrue is one of those guys, with his ability to guard the ball, to pressure the ball and disrupt an offense.

He gets 3rd in their DPOY poll and is named a First Team guard by all 12 coaches in their poll. Smart makes the 2nd team and White gets a few 2nd team votes.

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Jul 19, 2005
This was the series that I think opened a lot of people's eyes about how awesome Jrue was. Peak 27 y.o. Dame coming off a season 27 ppg / .600 TS season, Blazers the favored #3 seed ... and Jrue held him to .471 TS (while putting up .627 himself) in a 4-0 Pelicans sweep.

(Peak Steph and KD handled the Pels easily the next round, but that was an unfair team — and IIRC, KD said around that time that Jrue was his single toughest defender).

Edit — found a recent KD quote about him from the JJ Redick podcast:

“He could stand out anywhere. You put Jrue in any system, any coach is going to ask him to guard the best player. We played him in 2018, second round and he was guarding me the whole series. He was picking me up full court, He was guarding me on the post, and actually, it was tough to dribble on Jrue Holiday. He slides his feet so well, he’s got good hands, he’s strong, and he’s got good instincts. Like I gained a lot of respect for him in that series because he went from guarding me to Steph to Klay to guarding Draymond, neutralizing pick and rolls. He’s special."
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Mar 26, 2005
In a conversation with Forsberg that was recently posted on C'sTalk, JB said that his goal this season was for each of the starters to get votes for All-Defense. Seems like a modest goal but man if they do, this team could match or even exceed what they were doing in the second half of 2021-22.