The AAA Sox Stadium Thread: Where Ever They May Roam

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Why would Henry feel the need to protect Lucky and the Dentist? On the contrary, I could see them deciding that this is a great opportunity to let the Globe show its independence (since it doesn't directly affect the Boston Red Sox).
They have a long-standing strong business relationship to maintain. And the Globe has done plenty of negative articles about the Sox during the John Henry regime. Just disappointed this hasn’t shown up in the paper yet


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Mar 25, 2004
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They had a Zoom call on Wed with all of their season tickets holders . They are able to allow 25 % capacity so all season tix holders and 1/2 season folks are getting opening day seats . Caveat is if you have more than 2 you are going getting 2 . Also they have to move folks around due to DOVID restrictions. They are taking it month by month . Bottom
line is we are getting 2 of our 4 seats for opening day , then they have 10 more games in May . We are getting 5 games of the 10 May games with our full 4 seat allotment ( opening day not included in this mix )
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