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Aug 5, 2017
Mods, please move this to P&G or wherever you deem appropriate. I am purposely posting this from a new account rather than my longtime SOSH handle given the personal link below, but am limited to certain forums under this login.

Hi everyone,

Members of this board have traditionally been generous and heroic supporters of the Jimmy Fund. It's amazing, and makes me so proud to be part of this community. Coming soon, we have the Radio Telethon 8/15-8/16 ( and Jimmy Fund Walk (9/24). It's a great time to continue that support, or make a first donation!

Our son, age 4, will attend his first Jimmy Fund walk this year. His friend (same age) was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and I am proud that he wanted to do something to help his friend and others with cancer. This is a great opportunity for mom and dad to instill a sense of community in him and teach him the virtues of giving back. If you are planning to support the Jimmy Fund this year, please consider making your donation through his page here: You'll be contributing to two great causes - The Jimmy Fund, and helping my son develop a passion for helping others.

This is a very challenging time for the healthcare industry. The uncertainty caused by political events is adding to other pressures and many hospitals are having to find creative budget solutions. You've probably heard of the Brigham's struggles in the news: The Dana-Farber is not insulated from these pressures, and may be exceptionally sensitive to them given they are a non-profit that already operates with slim margins.

Those of you who can get off the couch should also sign up for the Jimmy Fund Walk ( or participate in one of the many events planned If you are signed up for the walk already, please feel free to post links to your pages and share your stories in this thread. It's a great time!

Thank you for being heroes in the fight against cancer.