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Aug 18, 2001
Hello all.

Long time members will look back fondly on the second guesser's club threads that existed in the long long ago.

Essentially, they were spawned from the Great Gump Divide of 2003, where the 5G's thought that, by golly, Grady Little was a good manager, and an overall good guy. The anti-Gumpians, disagreed, being smarter, more attractive, and more fertile.

In 2004, when new manager Terry Francona in charge, we started a tongue-in-cheek series of threads, by series, that was talk about what we just saw, proving once and for all, that we were smarter than the manager. These threads served us well in 2004, and they were a good amount of fun to participate in.

Then 2005 came, and the threads died on the vine. As the 2005 Red Sox were too big for their collective britches, so were we, above talking about the mistakes the Red Sox were making.

The Dopes are talking about a great number of things right now, and one of the issues that has crossed our minds is the stagnation of the board. And we think that the main board, which is still one of the better places to discuss Red Sox baseball, is a major issue with staleness. Megathreads are terrible and should be systematically destroyed.

We hope this is one way more discussion will be spurred.

Here are the guidelines for these threads:
1. They are series specific. If you want to make a point in the Baltimore series about the upcoming Brewers series, you should relate it to the Baltimore series.
2. They are not reactionary. If you come into these threads just to rant, you'll be told to go to the Game Thread. If your emotions are running high, the game thread is your home.
3. They shouldn't be stat heavy. If you can't make your argument without boring the shit out of people by saying "well his walk rate is 56% and he struck out, an outcome that has a 23% chance of happening." I'll dirt-pile you, so help me YHWH.
4. Don't suck. If you are told you suck, by moderators and various posters, you probably suck. If you dominate the thread, you probably suck. If everyone seems to disagree with you and you are just typing out the same thing over and over again, you probably suck. Don't suck.
5. Conversely, if you disagree with someone, be constructive. Ask yourself if you are contributing to the conversation.
6. If you provide a link, please try and provide some commentary to it...why you think it's important to cite what you cited.

Enjoy, fuckfaces.


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Feb 3, 2006
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It was easier to be a witty and intelligent second-guesser back when ownership and management were stupider. 


I have a feeling that was yep's point, terrisus.