Round 4 • Pick 5 (107) • C Jake Andrews

Apr 24, 2019
Evan Lazar on weighs in:

The Patriots taking a center prospect at some point isn't surprising, but it's earlier and, of course, a different center prospect than we anticipated. New England decided to go with another Senior Bowl center in Andrews, who has 37 career starters at center and right guard. Andrews has a stocky build at 6-foot-3, 305 pounds, and stood out as an interior run blocker in Mobile. Interestingly, the Patriots prioritized interior offensive linemen over offensive tackles. But, with David Andrews turning 31 before camp, the newest Andrews enters a competition with 2022 undrafted rookie Kody Russey to back up the Pats captain.


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Jul 20, 2009
I was surprised they took Andrews when they did. Andrews is another guy who adds toughness to the line. He has a powerful punch and can move guys as a run blocker. He also has a good anchor. However, he has mental mistakes vs twists and stunts (which could improve with experience), and struggled with shiftier rushers and lateral blocks. He is guilty of lunging and waistbending and doesn’t always get to his second level blocks. Like Mafi he has some athletic limitations. Maybe they think the can teach him to block better at the second level and he can improve his lateral ability. While I really like Sow I’m skeptical of Andrews and Mafi. I like both of their toughness and power but I worry about their athleticism and ability to reach shiftier rushers in pass pro.