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Aug 17, 2004
I am sorry to have to tell you that Redsoxstiff/Stiffy/Bob Doucette has died. He has been in poor health for the past couple of years but declined rapidly over the past two weeks.

Bob loved the Red Sox, and up until he couldn't type any more, he spent untold hours letting you all know what he thought. Or at least trying to let you know. I am well aware that his passion for ellipses was anathema to many. He loved meeting you at bashes, and he enjoyed becoming friends in real life with so many of you.

I want to thank the SoSH community for the years of pleasure you gave Stiffy and the support you extended to our family during his long illness. We are very grateful for the love and caring extended to Bob by all our SoSH friends. And he would never forgive me if I did not end with "FU, Nip!"

Love you all!

gars finnvold

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Feb 23, 2001
Guilford, CT
I had the pleasure of meeting him at a few bashes. Stiffy was a great guy and his passion for life as well as the Red Sox came through in every conversation. My condolences to you and your family.


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Oct 4, 2001
I'm going home

I am so sorry, Cathy. Bob was a wonderful human being, and one of a kind to say the least. Kristin and I send all our love.


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Jul 15, 2005
Mobile, AL
One of the few folks I met in person and Bob seemed like a great and funny man. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss.


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Sep 27, 2004
Tremendous loss. Stiffy was a fixture in the early years of this site and was an unforgettable personality.

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Oct 18, 2000
Twin Bridges, Mt.
Unforgettable is exactly right. He has a great SoSH legacy and I'm sure that his impact on the family Stiff, is going to carry on for generations. Condolences!


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Apr 24, 2003
I had the honor of knowing Stiffy and the lovely Cathy in “real life.” We met at the first Bash and became fast friends.

Stiffy was incredibly passionate about the Red Sox as we all witnessed. He was passionate about all aspects of life and was larger than life.

I will truly miss his non-stop short jokes and the nickname “Bossylady.”

RIP dear Bob.


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Nov 29, 2001
My condolences for your loss. Very sad to lose a member of our little community here, especially one who for some of us was a connection to an earlier generation of Red Sox fandom for those of us too young to remember the Impossible Dream.

Harry Hooper

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Jan 4, 2002
Most unwelcome news. We have lost an incandescent spirit. My condolences to the Boss and the family.


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Sep 27, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
I'm so sorry Cathy, I met him at several bashes and he was always the friendliest person - both here and in meatspace. He was and is a part of our community, and we're less today.

Somewhere I've got a picture of him holding court in the bleachers at one of the bashes, I'll see if I can find it tonight. Wishing you strength.


Sunny von Bulow
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Jan 10, 2004
The 718
I am so sad to hear this. I enjoyed spending time with both of you at Bashes. No one who met Bob even once could forget him. I'm so sorry for your (our) loss.


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Mar 16, 2005
The gran facenda
I had the pleasure of meeting Bob a few times. He was very fun to be around. A great guy and a very unique, I mean that in the best possible way, person. I will miss him. My condolences to you and your family Cathy.


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Jan 27, 2003
1st State
For some of the younger members, I think its important to enjoy the genius of some of Stiffy's posts. I curated a couple today...but there are many many gems

Can we say boo boo boo to Little and Bobby Poo ? Bye bye and poo poo to you Bobby poo.
Jesus Christ on a stick...
In response to a Bobby V whine

There was a time when sports announcers allowed a lather of blessed silence as the games unfolded...You can't go home again...when I hear...the line up is being brought to you by your local fecal dealer my scrotum withdraws within my guts... After Ned Martin I can't abide by the baseball assassins who have changed sports into monkey shows ...Remy is bored stiff but needs the moolah...Fuckem all...
Commenting on Remy’s announcing

I post here and rarely get to listen to the recommendations ...dumbfuckoldbastard...but I have to admit sometimes when I hear something i gotta lay it out...
I watched Hall and Oates on MTV in 5.1 Dolby ...When they were 'big' i dismissed them as just a coupla whiteys making money off the 'black' sound...some truth I suppose...but I was floored by the music.
What I heard yesterday was fantastic...Great musicianship and song selection...Hall sings like a bird but has the stage mannerisms of a dickwad...IF you can stomach the 70's and 80's...or never have give them a listen....
On the genius of Hall and Oates

That John Lackey earns $15.25M to build up the confidence of the opposing line ups...He throws all his shit and they whack the fuck out of all his shit...
In the Things that you only recently learned thread

I'm too much of a snotty fuck to eat these delectables...A simple man of simple tastes...A top slit bun golden pan fried plus a lightly fried pics can work...brown mustard and sweet relish.
His love of hot dogs

RIP Big Man....

CPT Neuron

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Dec 4, 2001
Biddeford, ME
My condolences, Stiffysboss.....

This world (and this board) is a less happy and less enlightened place without Stiffy - though I only met him once, briefly, he left a positive mark on my spirit that I will be forever grateful for.

Salem's Lot

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Jul 15, 2005
Gallows Hill
Shit as soon as I saw the title I knew what you were going to post. That sucks. Sorry for your loss. Always enjoyed his posts, especially back when I first started lurking in ‘04.


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Jul 15, 2005
Peter emailed me this morning with the sad news. Bob was a most unique character and a bold personality. My wife and I were fortunate to meet Bob and Cathy when I won an auction for dinner for 6 with Stiffy. It was a wonderful meal! Bob sure could cook as well as carry a conversation! Over the years, seeing Bob and Cathy was always a highlight of any Bash for me. Bob was much loved. Cathy- you still are. Sending prayers, but if I can do something more tangible, please let me know. Jeff

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Oct 27, 2001
Norwalk, Connecticut
Very sorry to hear this. It was great talking to Stiffy at those old bashes. He’d be happy to know that I was in Jersey last week and had 4 rippers at Rutts Hut.


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Oct 3, 2007
deep in the hole
I never had the pleasure in person, but I enjoyed Stiffy's posts over the years. His passion for the Sox and his humor coupled with his unique writing style brought many a smile over the years. My sympathies to all.

jose melendez

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Oct 23, 2003
Geneva, Switzerland

I'm so sorry to hear this. Bob was a wonderful guy and he was personally very kind to me. Getting to know folks like you and him, who I might not cross paths with out in the wild has been one of the joys of my long membership here.

I'll miss him, and I'll be thinking of you.


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Jun 2, 2005
In Bill We Trust
Cathy, I am so very sorry for your loss. He was an integral part of this site and the wonderful community here, and he will be missed. Sending you love.


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Oct 17, 2003
Seneca Castle NY
Shit. I met Bob at my first Bash. He was the most welcoming and friendly of anyone I met that day. I think we had a posting unclearity kinship. We talked Sox and guitars and music.
So sorry for your loss and ours. I loved his posts and your reports.


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Jul 15, 2005
Glasgow, Scotland
Bob and Cathy let me stay at their house one night.

We talked and talked and Cathy went to bed and me and Bob got the whisky out and did some damage, and talked into the wee small hours. I told Bob about this little bit of dialogue i had about a guy who tried to save the world and failed, and how he regretted it. Bob immediately went on to tell me a story about how he, in his way tried to save the world, and failed. I think about that conversation a lot. Of course Bob tried to save the world. He was one of those guys, there's no many.

Bob endured a lot of pain, and I remember how mid conversation he went to the kitchen, i followed him and he started to give himself some injections, taking his medicine, not batting an eyelid, not missing a beat in the conversation, not wincing with the pain once.

I had some proper heart to hearts with Bob, and Cathy. I know he knew how much i loved him. He was an inspiration from the moment i read his posts, which were out there to some but made perfect sense to me.

They gave me a bottle of Douchette wine in Boston, in a lovely wooden cask. But i was so pished and stoned I misplaced it. Which is in some ways fitting. Cos someone got that wine.

I remember Bob telling me about how he met and fell in love with Cathy, he was full of passion and loyalty, and the way he spoke of her was something to behold...even more so cos Cathy was sitting opposite us, saying nothing, but with this beautiful beaming but understated smile on her face. Great memories. You can't beat true love.

Bob was the best, Bob is the best.