Red Sox sign Enrique Hernandez (2 years, 14 mil)

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Jul 15, 2005
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...They could have done more with this offseason. The lack of attention to bullpen in particular is pretty unsettling. I feel like a team carrying Chavis and Peraza but also a Hendricks and a Brad Hand would be more competitive for 2021.
Well, the off-season isn’t over. Hand is still out there. So is Rosenthal. I doubt the Sox go in on them, but I could see Bloom try to get Robertson on a one year plus option deal. (I don’t understand the reference to Peraza, but that’s ok.)


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Nov 10, 2006
As a Spaniard, I can add that the most common way of referring to a young man called "Enrique" (the Spanish equivalent of Henry) is "Quique". It is pronuounced /'ki - keh/ with stress on the first syllable. So, I am quite surprised to see he has been labelled "Kiké", using two "k's" to spell his name and, most importantly, placing the accent mark (indicating the stressed syllable) on the second syllable, instead of the first.

But hey, to each his own!

BTW, it is not at all derogatory to use "Quique", much in the same manner as it is not to use "Hank" for someone called Henry.

Sorry to derail the discussion! And, in any case, I think he is a great signing for this team!


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Dec 4, 2009
Kiké Hernandez Consulted Former Red Sox Players About Playing For Alex Cora
Kiké Hernandez had some reputable sources on what it was like playing in Boston for Alex Cora, and it appeared to help him make a decision.

The Red Sox officially signed the infielder/outfielder to a two-year deal Tuesday after spending the last six seasons with the 2020 World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hernandez has known Alex Cora for a while, but he didn’t exactly know what it was like to play for him. Luckily, he could talk to Mookie Betts, Joe Kelly and David Price, who all spent time with Cora as their manager.

“It made my decision a lot easier to come in and have the opportunity to play for Alex,” Hernandez told reporters Tuesday. “I’ve talked to Joe (Kelly), Mookie (Betts) and (David Price), and they all preach about Alex and what he brings to the table as a manager and how good of a communicator he is. I’m just really, really excited to be able to play for a Puerto Rican manager.”

Hernandez also spent a brief time getting to know Alex Verdugo before he was traded to Boston as part of the Betts deal.