Pats sign RB Sam McGuffie to PS


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Jun 27, 2006
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A former HS standout & 4-star recruit, who bounced from Raiders to Cardinals before getting signed onto the Pats PS. 
He had his once promising career at Michigan & Rice slowed down due to injuries. From Wiki:
McGuffie transferred to Rice University after his freshman season at Michigan to be closer to home.[4] During his first year at Rice, McGuffie had the third highest rushing yardage total of any back in Conference USA, with 883 yards and 6 touchdowns. He also had receiving totals of 384 yards and 3 touchdowns, making him one of only three players in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision to gain both 880 yards rushing and 380 yards receiving in 2010.[5] McGuffie missed several games during the 2011 season because of injuries including the last 5 games of the season. In the Spring of the 2012 season, McGuffie moved to a new role as a slot receiver and wide receiver.
He seems like a slightly taller & more athletic version of Woodhead, standing at 5' 10" (DW is 5' 8") and 200 lbs. McGuffie's HS reel:
Edit: Breer chimes in:
@AlbertBreer Wow ... Interesting seeing the Patriots bring in Sam McGuffie -- One of the banner recruits of the RichRod Era at Michigan!!!!

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Nov 5, 2000
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Whoo, Rice guy!
He's got serious speed (sub-4.4) and great leaping ability. He's an amazing athlete - at his Pro Day, he ran a 4.36 40, had 26 bench reps, a 42" vertical, a 11'2" broad jump, a 3.93 20-yard shuttle, and a 6.57 3-cone. All those numbers would have been top 2-3 at the combine this year among WR. But he's a UDFA for a reason. His concussion history is terrifying, which is why he moved to WR at Rice. I'm not sure RB is a realistic option anymore, except on an occasional basis (like Aaron Hernandez). He's really raw as a receiver. Most of his catches (including in the video above) were bubble screens or deep seam routes; I don't think he's done much of the option stuff the Pats do.
Basically, he's got physical attributes you can dream on, but fit is a question mark and it's unclear if he can learn what he needs to to be successful at the NFL level.
EDIT: looks like the Pats are listing him as a RB and gave him a RB number (39).


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Jul 15, 2005
He took some pretty hard hits at Michigan and could have used a redshirt year to put on weight.  Alas, Rich Rod.  The Woodhead comparison is appropriate.

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Feb 6, 2003
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Also a solid character kid. A primary reason for his transfer to Rice was to be a caregiver for his little brother. I don't recall the circumstances in detail, but he felt a strong responsibility to take care of his brother.