Patriots UDFA Signing: Malik Cunningham, QB (?), Louisville


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Dec 6, 2003
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I just wanted to break this out separately as I am intrigued by the possibilities here.

Could he be the guy that allows the scout team to better prepare for the mobile QBs that are becoming predominant? Could he be transitioned to a WR or slash type role (as he has indicated he is open to)?

Could he be something else?

Either way, the Patriots, who refused to engage on Lamar Jackson given his cost, just signed the guy that broke all his records at Louisville. And they paid $200K which is not chump change for an UDFA.

I am excited about the possibilities.



Jul 31, 2001
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Isnt 216k the amount players are making on the PS squad this year? I read something that we should get used to seeing that number.


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Aug 1, 2006
$216k is indeed what a full season on the practice squad would earn you.
Sometimes teams offer UDFA the full amount guaranteed. Incentive to sign knowing they're planning to at worst hold you on the PS all season if they can